OpenExpo Europe is the main professional Fair and Congress about Open Source, Free Software and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation) in Europe.

OpenExpo is the essential event for the technology and business leaders looking to develop, invest and implement Open Source technologies. OpenExpo is the meeting point of the sector for companies and entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, analysts, digital managers, developers and business managers among others, where companies expand their network of contacts, generate business and promote their services. The main suppliers of the sector will show their technological solutions for all types of companies. A unique showcase with the vision of experts and key market players. The aim of OpenExpo Europe is to share, present, discover and evaluate the Open Source solutions and the trends within the industry. Check out what’s new within the open technology world. Don’t miss the chance to discover the last trends to promote your business.



The 6th edition offers a great event for the professionals and technology enthusiast with a special interest in Open Source technologies and the new ways to develop the digital transformation of their business. This edition focuses on the technological innovation. OpenExpo Europe is the mean to inform the international community about the diverse contributions that Open Source and Free Software have within the current and future digital revolutions.

Visitors are encouraged to collaborate, share and learn about a large variety of topics and get to know how the Open Source improves the innovation and the agility in companies to bolster their global transformation and their technological processes.

5 Co-located top IT events

OTC is a technical conference that proposes to approach the topics from a practical perspective. Developers, open source communities, operators, architects, DevOps and other IT professionals, as well as industry leaders will be able to collaborate, share information, learn about the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage through the use of innovative open solutions. Meetups / Hackathons / Challenges / Worshops + Fun & Networking

The II Cybersecurity Forum is a unique opportunity to discover and debate the current problems dedicated to cyberspace and the threats with business cybersecurity. 61% of companies will increase their investment in cyberprotection in 2019.

AI & IOT Summit is a conference and fair where those interested in knowing how Artificial Intelligence can benefit the processes and strategies of their companies. Congress will feature Keynote Speakers presentations, success stories and panel discussions of experts. Topics such as Machine Learning ‘,’ Legal Tech ‘, Language Processing, Robotics, Augmented Reality,’ Cognitive Computing ‘, among others and its application in various sectors

APIs, blockchain, regulation, digital transformation, … are some of the challenges of the financial sector. In the II Fintech Forum you will discover which are the fundamental challenges facing the sector. A day where trends will be approached and sessions will be presented through Keynote Speakers, Success Stories and debates tables with experts.

The II Open CIO Summit is directed by invitation to CIO’s & IT Leaders to participate in exclusive sessions. Nowadays it is essential to be updated of all disruptive trends that can help you generate profits in your business. Conference where trends will be addressed and sessions will be presented through Keynote Speakers, Success Stories and debates tables with experts..












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