authUSB SL


authUSB S.L. is a Spanish company founded in May 2018 by three partners Jorge Vega(CTO), Estefanía Soto (CEO) and María Cobas (CFO and BDM)
Our company is focused on developing added value technology with innovative solutions in the cibersecurity area.
Our experience is based on the ICT and Cibersecurity sector.
Since our inception we have given support to R&D departments of some of the Spanish companies with greater international presence, integrating our solutions in their critical structures.
We had focused our entire business force in developing solutions on the basis of the deficiencies detected in the market and those which our customers demand.
As a resultwe have developed SafeDoor*
SafeDoor* is an awarded, Lince certificated (CCN-CERT) and included in CPSTIC catalogue,solution.
Hw with embebed Sw, SafeDoor stops, analizes and audits all USB devices which circulate within organizations, avoiding Electrical, Hw and Sw cyberattacks through this devices.

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