Speakers 2017

Within the 4th Edition of OpenExpo more than 120 national and international speakers will discuss on the latest trends in the Open Source and Free Software world, through different formats such as talks, workshops, business cases, keyspeaks, MeetUps and round tables. Each of the 9 conference rooms will hold different interesting topics for the technical, business and end-user audience. Do not lose this chance!

Check below the main Speakers of OpenExpo 2017:

Adolfo Sanz De Diego


.My career is divided between web development and training. At the moment I am technical advisor in the ICT service of the General Direction of Infrastructures and Services of the Counseling of Education, Youth and Sport of the Community of Madrid. In addition, I collaborate occasionally as a trainer specializing in development technologies (in CIFF, Pronoide, ...). For hobby I... Más información

Albert owns a degree in computer science and he is postgraduate in financial management and has 15 years of experience in the development of enterprise management software. He has contributed to several free software projects and is the founder and co-owner of NaN-tic, where he is resposible of the consultancy department and where he also does software engineering tasks. NaN-tic... Más información

Alberto is Team Lead at Salenda, a company that this years celebrate 10 years and it is dedicated to software development, mainly in Groovy, Grails, Spring Boot and Angular 2. He has been working with Groovy and Grails since 2011, and he is an Atlassian suite lover using all days JIRA, Confluence and the others Atlassian’s tools, because Salenda is... Más información

Alberto Martínez Ballesteros works as Software Architect at mimacom. He loves new technologies and he defines himself as a beta-tester of new technologies and metodologies related to development. He tries to analize its pros and cons and how to use them within the projects he works on. As a result of this experience, he has a global vision of the... Más información

Alberto Molina

Gestión de Proyectos e ITSM

Degree in Computer Science at UPM, CISA. He began his career in software development modifying the original Unix System V Release 4 source code, participating in facial recognition and information digitalization systems, and developing several systems in the insurance and finance industry. Later he worked as consultant in the field of systems and communications, Network and Security Management consultant and... Más información

Telecommunications engineer by the University of Valladolid. After two years in the Private Sector she entered the Public Service, shere she has held different positions, in the Social Security Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Presidency. She is currently working as Head of Area in the General Secretariat of Digital Administration of the Ministry of Finance... Más información

Telecommunications Engineer from the UPM and Executive MBA from the San Telmo International Institute. Specialized in distributed systems, analyst, business consultant and business developer for more than 15 years. In his professional career he has helped many companies to transform their businesses, taking advantage of the best of technology. Now he develops in Open Ximdex as Business Development Director, one... Más información

Business strategy, projet manager and Blockchain trainer for international and start up companies. During his professional carreer he has worked in the financial industry (FinTech) and tourism space in technology, business development and online functions. He is the author of the first Bitcoin graphic novel of the world ( and and also creates mobile games related to cryptocurrencies with... Más información

A linguist by heart and a programmer by choice, Alfonso has brought his passion for natural languages to the computing world. He is the creator of Fable, a popular F# to JS compiler, and coauthor of the book "Mastering F#". He currently works at building control systems for digital art performances. Más información

Alfonso Sánchez-Macián

Coordinador del Grado en Ingeniería Informática de la Universidad Nebrija
Universidad Nebrija


Computer engineer working in telecommunications since 1992; with extensive experience in networking and IP infrastructures, for six years he has been managing the product development department of MDtel, where unified communications and contact center solutions are developed based on open source software platforms. Más información

Ana Cañas

Talent Manager

Graduated in Law with a Degree in Labour Relations from Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, I started my professional career in the field of Human Resources in 2001. My experience in positions of responsibility, both in internal management and in consulting, make me a versatile professional. Since 2012, as part of the team of cohaerentis, I lead the Talent Management... Más información

Andrés Chelmicki

Business representative

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a collaborative software suite, that includes an email server and web client. The software consists of both client and server components, and a desktop client. Two versions of Zimbra are available: an open-source version, supported by the community, and a commercially supported version ("Network Edition") with closed-source components such as a proprietary Messaging Application Programming Interface... Más información

Ángel Barrio

It Security Manager

More than 15 years of experience in the field of CyberSecurity. Since 2001, I work for Euskaltel, S.A. as IT Security Manager: In charge of defining Security Policies, managing security incidents, performing and managing internal and external audits as well as supporting legal areas of the company to guarantee compliance by enforcing IT security controls aligned with the Business. Also... Más información

Ángel Corral Arias

UX/Visual Designer & Interface Developer

UX/Visual Designer & Interface Developer and Adobe Certified Expert with 11 years of expertise. Since 10 years, he combines training with his job for clients like LG, Qbicom, Cohética Digital, Argentinian Private Petroleum and gas, infographics dpt. of El Mundo newsaper or jDownloader. Is also coauthor of two guides edited by Anaya Multimedia.

Angel Luis Mula works at Babel Sistemas de la Información, a Spanish multi-national company that renders technological services aimed at helping big organizations in their process of Digital Transformation. For nearly 20 years he has worked as systems administrator, currently focused on the world of containers, monitoring and the DevOps philosophy.

Anler Hernández Peral

Software Developer

Automatic engineer transformed into a polyglot developer passionate about functional programming and with more than seven years of experience in web development with PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Scala and Haskell. Más información

Anthony is a French software engineer who loves automation and open-source. He found out about Docker working in a French startup and then he decided to accept a job offer to manage the infrastructure of an Indonesian Docker hosting platform. During this time, he started working on a user interface for Docker which led to the creation of Portainer.

More than 15 years of expertise in software development and software quality assurance. I started my career inside the Distributed Systems group at ITI (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática) designing and developing robust distributed applications. In 2004 I joined the software quality team (UTI) in the local government inside the healthcare public department (Agencia Valenciana de Salud). I was leading all... Más información

Antonio García Solís

Strategic Planning Direction
Innn 360

Graduated in Advertising and PR and Master in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics, Antonio García has 17 years of experience in marketing and advertising, and currently holds the Strategic Planning Direction at Innn, being responsible for the last years in The Inbound Marketing Strategies of the company, which leads this segment in Andalusia through its partnertship with Hubspot and experience... Más información

A Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the Politécnica University of Madrid, Antonio currently works as a CTO in the technology company Qindel Group. He has wide experience in Security and Cloud Computing, as well as Automatisation (DevOps), Containers and Alarm Monitoring. Previously he worked in companies such as Dell Software Group, where he was Chief Security Architect, Chief Architect of the... Más información

Antonio Pizarro

Sr. Business Development Manager

Antonio Pizarro is Senior Business Development Manager at OVH in Spain. He is responsible for managing the most relevant clients of the company and advising them on the solutions that best fit their needs. Antonio owns a degree in Computer Engineering and a master's degree in Project Management from Universidad Nebrija in Madrid. In addition, he has several certifications from... Más información

Antonio Rodriguez, independent trader with more than 8 years of experience, creator of BTKSYSTEM that shares his experiences in

I am Bernardo Cabezas, one of the technical engineers of management informatics and superior technicians of business administration here in Spain, who like many others had the "great luck" to be entrepreneurs in crisis ... maybe the best that could happen to us. Life takes many turns, and I never imagined where it was going to end, and above all,... Más información

CEO and Robotics Expert at The Robot Academy. Bernardo is an Industrial Engineer with 20 years of experience and also a Psychologist, having passed through the most diverse technological projects since 1995: Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Gran Telescopio Canarias and Altran Technologies. He is currently a developer in Artificial Intelligence, and has been responsible for the development of the... Más información

Borja Prieto Ursúa

Head of Servicio de Extensión Institucional
Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Head of Institutional Extention Service at Madrid City Council - responsible of spreading Madrid's model of citizen participation to other cities and institutions, helping with our technology and knowledge. Previously: - Founder of open software company Alanta. - Director of Business Development for Public Sector at Intecno (DINSA Group) - IT Manager at Instituto de Salud Carlos III - Assistant... Más información

Carlos Ariza Soto


Carlos Ariza holds a degree in Computer Engineering, an MBA in managerial development (from the University of Alcalá Henares) and a Master's degree in Business Management and Marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in technological and strategic consulting, execution and management of technological projects, building high performance teams in complex and innovative environments. In the last 7... Más información

Is part of the Cibersecurity Galician Network and has been in the technology market for more than 15 years. He directs systems projects by taking the more complicated migrations from private software to Free Software. He is a member of "The Document Foundation" and is certified as a professional migrator of LibreOffice. Also active defender of the use of Free... Más información

Cristina Carrascosa Cobos

Head of legal

Cristina is currently head of legal at Influity, a Blockchain-based startup. Previously, she has worked as an IT/IP attorney at international law firms such as Ecija Law&Tech, Cuatrecasas and Broseta.

At IMTCloud we lead projects (IMTLazarus, IMTv3/v4, IMTNodeprint, IMTHoneycom), aimed to solve main aspects regarding and affecting mobility, security and network centralized management. We perform an outstanding work of integration and confluence of connectivity technologies and network software highly recognized within the market, linking both Open source solutions and commercial products based on connectivity and security. We develop environments for... Más información

David Olmos

CEO Zylk, President of ASOLIF and vice-president of ESLE

More than 10 years’ experience in the IT sector. Entrepreneur and co-founder of, leading the R&D and strategic development of the business as CEO. Active within the FLOSS (Free and Open Source Software) community, with Sinadura, as co-founder and head of business development, working strategically through associations such as vice president of ESLE (Basque Free Software Association) and as... Más información

David Piqué is currently the CEO of the company Pixelpro, which has two specific areas of work, on one hand, a training school on opensource technologies oriented to web and mobile development and on the other specialized agency in web design and online marketing. As a specialist in his sector, count with official certifications fromcompanies such as Google (Analytcis and... Más información

Didac Oliveira García

Brain Updaters, S.L.L. Owner & Founder / DRLM Chief Architect & Core Developer
Brain Updaters, S.L.L.

Open Source and Open Standards enthusiast with high knowledge and expertise on IT systems design & implementation, expert in Virtualization technologies, High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Founder and active maintainer at DRLM project (, also contributed to other open source projects like Relax & Recover (ReaR) and Cfg2html. Más información

We are Eduard Garcia and Irene Comalada, both of us work in atSistemas in the ALM Atlassian community as Technical Leader and Responsible for the line of business. For about 5 years we have been dedicated to this line and we have seen the product grow and our professional profile with it. We both arrived at Atlassian and in the... Más información

Eduardo Vales

Project Manager

Eduardo Vales Hernandez is a specialist in industrial electronics with more than 20 years of experience in storage environment and servers. As Project Manager in Flytech has done countless courses on storage , microprocessors and high-end servers int he following countries: Ireland, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Costa Rica and United States. He has taught more than... Más información

Elena Muñoz graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at Polytechnics University of Madrid. After working as a consultant she joined the General State Administration in 2003. Now she is Head of Telematics Systems Area within the General Secretary of Digital Administration in the Ministry of Finance and Public Function of Spain. Since 2007, among other activities, she has worked in the field... Más información

I like to mix the law with technology. Free software and free software licenses is one of the best examples of that mix. My specialty in the practice of law is information technologies (Personal data, e-commerce, Copyright, etc) for technology-based companies. Más información

Empecé a trabajar como programador con 18 años y desde entonces no he parado de aprender. Todos estos años trabajando en todo tipo de consultoras tecnológicas, para clientes y proyectos de lo más variopinto, me han servido para darme cuenta de que las cosas podían hacerse de otra manera. Descubrí y me enamoré de Moodle y del e-learning trabajando para... Más información

Eneko Astigarraga

CEO CodeSyntax - President of ESLE
ESLE / CodeSyntax

.Eneko Astigarraga (Eibar, 1960) is CEO of CodeSyntax, a Internet and ICT-ICT expert company located in the Basque Country, Spain. CodeSyntax, founded in 2000, has a large experience in free software, open source developments. Eneko is also President of ESLE, the Basque Association of open source companies, and member of ASOLIF. Eneko Astigarraga is also a lecturer at Deusto Business... Más información

Long career professional focusing on: Transformation & IT strategies definition fully aligned with business goals. Business Process design and customer relationship IT tools definition . Development IT systems for a 24/7 sector Más información

Ernesto Vicente García Ramis

Asociación Innovación Creatividad y Emprendimiento

I am Ernesto Vicente García Ramis and with this biography I want to demonstrate the degree of strategic vision and professional maturity that I have acquired through more than 25 years of experience in the management of executives and in the substantial improvement of the results of the management and development of the Human capital in all those companies and... Más información

Estela Luna de Maria, was born in Madrid. She has a degree in Physic (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and a degree in Mathematics (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the State University of New York and an Executive Master in quantitative finance from the AFI School of finance (Madrid). She has more than 15 years... Más información


ASPL CTO. Linux systems and ASPL products / services deployment and implementation manager. Member of the management team for maintenance and support in datacenter infrastructure, as well as software development for ASPL products / services. Computer science engineer by UPM university, specialized in administration and security in Linux OS and in software development. Author or co-author of some opensource products... Más información

Francisco Javier Ramón Salguero

Head of Network Virtualisation Initiativa, GCTO Unit

Head of Network Virtualisation Initiative and NFV Reference Lab, Telefónica GCTO Unit | TI+D Chairman of Open Source MANO Community Project | ETSI OSM Since 2000 Francisco-Javier has worked in Telefónica. Since 2008 he is head of the Network Virtualisation Initiative and the NFV Reference Lab in Telefónica GCTO Unit. In April 2016, he was elected Chairman of Open Source... Más información

Telecommunications Engineer & Electronics (E.U.I.T.T. 1.988 Madrid). 34 years of business experience in multinational IT Companies with emphasis on Sales, Channel Distribution and large Government and Industry accounts. Strong skills on team management, conflict management and planification, highlighting a great relationship with the current distribution channels, customer and partner oriented, leadership and adaptive capacity. Experience comes from the following companies:... Más información

An entrepreneur fighting to avoid the most common mistakes. His array of masters and degrees (Telecommunications Engineer, MBA and PMP) and 15 years' experience managing projects and developing high-risk, state of the art products, have confirmed that only the human being is able to walk into the same trap twice, sometimes on his own, sometimes pushed by others. Swim against... Más información

Guido Víctor Pappalepore studied International Business at Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires and he is a business and technology consultant. His experience in the software development world allowed him to develop his passion for the digital transformation and understand how the emerging technologies are changing the world. Today at Globant he helps companies face this paradigm shift encouraging and... Más información

Guillermo Martínez Requena

Director – Digital Transformation & Architecture
Banco Santander

Guillermo Martínez is director of Digital Transformation and Architecture in the Corporate Technology Area in Santander. He has an extensive experience in several positions in banking industry and consulting firms with a deep technological background in architecture & software development, specializes in cloud architectures, digital channels, ALM, API management and agile practices, among others. For some years Guillermo has been... Más información

Title of Superior Technician in Development of Computer Applications, Héctor García Galán is Account Manager at the Arsys Cloud Solutions Business Unit, specialized in deploying IT infrastructure solutions based on platforms in the Cloud. He has extensive technical and commercial experience in different areas of the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector, both in the development and implementation of technological projects... Más información

Ibon Moraza García

Responsable de Desarrollo y Soporte

Programmer of Scala and habitual collaborator of projects and talks of functional programming. From the day you met functional programming your only goal is to expand your use as much as you can. Co-organizer of the Scala Madrid Meetup.

Inés Huertas

Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder Datatons

Data Scientist and co-founder of Datatons, Inés has participated in different analytical projects for data preparation, modelling, patterns and trends searching and Big Data systems administration. "A data dreamer in search of stories!", currently she organizes the Data Science Madrid Meetup and the Rladies Madrid group with the goal of creating a community to support, share and promote different tecnologies... Más información

Irene Comalada

Head of Atlassian

We are Eduard Garcia and Irene Comalada, both of us work in atSistemas in the ALM Atlassian community as Technical Leader and Responsible for the line of business. For about 5 years we have been dedicated to this line and we have seen the product grow and our professional profile with it. We both arrived at Atlassian and in the... Más información

Isidro Fernández

Director de Negocios Digitales

Passionate about new technologies. Currently I’m working on cybersecurity, networking and DevOps. Restless by nature and lover of the Open Source, I try to give a return to inventing it to be able to grow and to progress. I have been collaborating in the Saregune project of the Sartu-Álava Association for 2 years ago, in the technological transformation of this,... Más información

Iván Hernández

VP of Engineering

BSc, Computer Science, University Politécnica of Madrid Params: mobile & web & opensource & apps & cloud & bigdata

Jaime de Mora

Global Head of Growth

Jaime de Mora is a data geek, entrepreneur and start-up mentor. As Global Head of Growth at Carto, he’s been managing some of the most pioneering data visualization projects Worldwide. He also led the transition of Carto from a niche data visualization tool to a mainstream location analytics one. Más información

Javier Ahedo is a consultant in Liferay, supporting the company realizing presales and professional services. He has worked since 2005 in the world of opensource technologies, playing all roles from programmer to project manager. He holds a Computer Science degree from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, as well as a master's degree from the School of Telecommunications at the Universidad... Más información

Javier Carro Calabor

Data Scientist & Project Manager

Javier Carro is Telecommunications Engineer and PMP. He currently works as a Data Scientist in the Big Data for Social Good area at LUCA. In the begining of his career he worked in e-commerce projects and, after joining Telefónica, he has worked in software development and projects management. His experience at Telefónica includes three areas: purely telco projects where he... Más información

Javier Domingo

Senior Engineer and Cloud Architect

Ackstorm's Senior Engineer and Cloud Architect leads evangelism for incorporation of Docker technology into cloud-based infrastructures of companies. Focalized on Kubernetes, Docker and architectures running on Public Cloud. Más información

Javier Garcia Quintela

Director of Services and Global IT Operations

Communications Engineer by U.P.M.. I began my professional career working as a student in practice in Hewlett-Packard Spain in the early 90’s and then joining the IT consulting division at Arthur Andersen for the next 10 years. Later I joint Indra and then Repsol, the company where I’ve worked the last 10 years. In this last period I had different... Más información

Javier Gómez is Technical Trainer at Pronoide, focusing on relational databases, application servers, C, C++ and Big Data. He is also on a research team at Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Artificial Intelligence, Congitive computer-models). He worked at Orange (Telecomunication), CECA (Financial) and ISBAN (Financial).

I´ve developed all my career in sales & marketing areas. In the last years I co-founded some companies in the security IT business where I was in charge of strategic areas (merges, adquisitions, business development, relationship with Telecommunications companies, ...) I was co-founder of Grupo S21sec, Sentryware, ..... My professional challenges have been to take the responsibility of raising start-ups... Más información

Javier Puga

Marketing Manager Spain and Portugal at Liferay, Inc

Javier Puga is currently the Liferay Marketing Manager for Spain and Portugal. Javier has held various responsibilities in marketing teams internationally until arriving at Liferay in 2016. Javier holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing from ICEMD-ESIC. Javier has been advising IT companies for more than 10 years in... Más información

Jesus Cuesta Arza

Teach Lead Software Architect

Architect Fullstack and Digital Marketing Consultant, passionate about the hackathones and methodologies of the startup world and defender of Opensource. Currently I collaborate in the digital transformation of the banking sector, leading technological level defining and developing with opensource technologies, in addition to collaborating in different technological communities. Both professionals and companies must adapt quickly to change, even by encouraging... Más información

.Jorge Coronado is the founder of the Sevillian company of computer security QuantiKa14 (QuantiKa14). Creator of several tools to realize OSINT and big data of form automated through Python. Some of the known ones are Shodita, Twiana, EO-ripper, Dante Gates, etc. He is also an forensic informatic, partner and vocal expert of the Association of Technological Experts of Andalusia (APTAN).... Más información

Jorge de la Cruz

Product Manager/Product Owner


Jorge de Lara Villarreal

EMEA Senior Account Executive

Jorge is passionate about technology and a former geologist and cartographer. As Responsible for Growth in EMEA at CARTO, Jorge is bringing here all the latest expertise and innovation that CARTO is reaching in the US. His goal is empowering companies to make better decisions through geo-analysis.   Más información

More than 17 years of experience in the field of ICT, mainly in software development and process consulting, collaborating in multinational companies from different sectors, and in different roles, from application programming or consulting to management of Projects and services. After studying, implementing and implementing multiple classical methodologies, frameworks, certifications, standards, etc., is a "passionate" on the application of agile... Más información

Jorge Luis Cabezas

Consorcio de Tecnologías Libres y Abiertas TECLIBRE


B.S. in Computer Systems from UPM, Computation and Artificial Intelligence specialist, and Master in Management and Strategy from IUP / UB / UC3M, I have benn more than 15 years holding leadership positions (CIO / CTO / COO) specially in media, where volume and high performance have been key to the success of the projects, such as Grupo Prisa ( Más información

Jorge Salamero Sanz

Community Relations Lead

Jorge enjoys monitoring all the things, from his Kubernetes clusters to writing sensors plugins and DIY projects with Raspberry PI and ESP8266. Currently he is part of the Sysdig team, and in the past was one of the promoters of HumanOps. When he is away from computers, you will find him walking with his 2 dogs across the countryside or... Más información

José Ángel is Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft. Holds a Bachelor inTelecommunication engineer by UPM, saw the light just finish and became the Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. After two years touring the world speaking of Azure and other solutions from infrastructure, it works today as CSA helping our customers to build their cloud solutions Más información

IT professional with over 8 years of experience specializing in systems engineer, cloud and software developer. Deep understanding of development and operations practices, delivering mission critical solutions, and support for today's business needs. Over 4 years of international experience in Asia and South America. Responsible for designing and develop highly complex solutions as SSO, clusters and networks as well as... Más información

Jose Manrique López

Business, alliances & marketing developer


Josep Lluís Amador Teruel (Olesa de Montserrat - Rubí, 1980) is a Senior Engineer (UAB) and a Master's Degree (UOC) in Computer Science. He is co-founder of LliureTIC, a company specialized in the development and implementation of open source ICT projects, focused on free solutions with ERP / CRM Dolibarr, CMS websites with Drupal and Wordpress, e-Commerce with Prestashop and... Más información

Josep Navarro

Director de la línea de negocio de Big Data, Business Intelligence e IoT en atSistemas


Juan Antonio Casas Ramírez

Development team leader

Computer engineer working in analysis, design and development of real-time systems for more than 30 years; Since 2003 he works in Asterisk Open Source environments, modifying code at low level and programming the system for the generation of new and more advanced functionalities. He contributes with a lot of experience in integrating voice platforms with many external systems.

Juan Carlos Álvarez Cepeda

Business Development Manager

Cofounder, Consultant and Business Director at Cohaerentis. Graduated in Law, with a master's degree in computer law, I specialize in business model management and innovation. With extensive experience in training, law and business competitiveness issues. Cofound cohaerentis in 2010 to develop an interdisciplinary consulting activity oriented to the new economy. Más información

Since February 2013 he works at Localidata, in the area of open data, developing a diversity of web applications and APIs based on semantic and NoSQL databases. In 2015 he was conferred the award for the best Web application at the Second Open Data Competition, by Junta de Comunidades de Castilla y León. He submitted a Web-based game that combined... Más información

Juan Jose Riber

Consultant IT Division

As a consultant in HAYS, my main objective is to keep in touch with professionals from the technological sector in search of new opportunities and with companies that need to incorporate talent, ensuring that the meeting is satisfactory. Previously I was part of a technological integrator company where I was in charge of coordinating the human component of projects that... Más información

Juan Manuel Pérez Rodríguez

Solutions Architect , BBVA API Market

Born in Barcelona, raised in Málaga and adopted by Madrid, Juan Manuel is a software architect specialist in JAVA, Microservices and APIs, fields in which he has a wide experience. He is one of the core BBVA API Market developers taking part in this big challenge from its beginnings. Motorbike lover and forever gamer:) Más información

Graduated in Computer Science at UPM, he has developed most of his professional career linked to Free software. He has held different positions in HP, Silicon Graphics, Red Hat, SUSE and EnterpriseDB. Actually he is the CEO and Founding Partner of Hopla Software, a company focused on providing innovative solutions around the Open Source database (PostgreSQL), Docker as a container... Más información

Kristi is Chairwoman of Open Labs Hackerspace, a community in Tirana, Albania dedicated to everything Free & Open Source. She is currently a Mozilla Tech Speaker and Intern as part of the Outreachy program in Mozilla which aims to offer opportunities to underrepresented groups in Open Source communities. As part of the organizer team, Kristi has helped shape the OSCAL... Más información

Lola Montesinos Padilla

Online Marketing Executive
Tic Top Sales

I'm Lola Montesinos, Online Marketing Executive at TicTop Sales. I started as a writer on several websites, but my career took off in the marketing agency world. With much effort, I went from writing SEO content to project managing for relevant multinational enterprises. Working always in the online side, I have had the privilege of formulating goal-oriented strategies, with analytics,... Más información

Founder of Clever Consulting, where we build and improve web and mobile applications to make you more productive or sell more. Since 2010 Luis has helped more than 500 companies to be better thanks to web and mobile design and development and he has trained more than 900 students in marketing and technology. He has following degrees: Master of Science... Más información

Luis Redondo López

Head of Cybersecurity Services

Luis Redondo, Bachelor in Computer Science (UPM), MBA, Certified SPICE Assessor (ISO 15504) and Certified SW Quality Engineer (ASQ). With more than 20 years of IT experience, he is currently developing new business in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation domains. Previously, He was CEO at MTP Brazil, CEO co-founder at INETSIS Company specialized on IoT, Head of R&D and SW Quality... Más información

Magí Almirall Hill

Corporate Director of Technology
Grupo SM

I’m working in the SM group leading the corporative technologies. We are creating educational services in Spain and Latin America, ten countries. Milions of books, milions of teachers and students connecting to our platform (Savia Digital). From 1995 to 2014 I leaded the Office of Learning Technologies in the Open University of Catalonia, we began the first online university on... Más información

Maik Aussendorf

Managing Director at Bareos GmbH & Co. KG

Maik Aussendorf is a graduated mathematician and computer scientist. In his diploma thesis he focused on the implementation of an artificial neural network. After his studies he worked as a SAP Consultant at Siemens AG in Colombia. Between 1999 and 2003 he was Linux System Consultant and branch manager at Suse Linux AG. During this period he carried out Linux-... Más información

Manuel Haro

Open Source Lab Chief
Gobierno del Estado de Zacatecas, México

.Computer Systems Engineer with Specialization in Networks and Telecommunications, experience of more than 20 years in installation, management and administration of systems on Unix platforms and strong impetus for more than 15 years of free software. Professor of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas and Coordinator of the Free Software Laboratory of the Zacatecas Council of Science, Technology and Innovation of... Más información

Manuel Lucena

Chief Technical Officer

34 y/o. IT professional with up to 15 years of experience in Free/Libre Open Source Software. Speaker for continental-wide range events in Latin America. Writer for several FLOSS magazines in Europe. Developers, VP/Eng and CTO for several growing startups. Data security consultant. Hacktivist. PhD in Computer Science

Degree in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. In addition, Maribel attended the IESE Executive, Finance, Economics, Analytics at Harvard, IoT at MIT. Financial and insurance sector professional for twenty years, first in Consulting (Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young) and Information Systems and later in the... Más información

Martín Domínguez

Chief Consulting Officer

He is responsible for the consultancy department. He helps and provides support to clients and partners in presale, consultancy and delivery services. He is also responsible for the training processes associated to projects. During his 8 years working for WhiteBearSolutions he has worked in the design, development, deployment and support departments. He is a Technical Engineer in Computerized Systems by... Más información

Miguel A. Muñoz

IBM Servers Sales Manager Spain & Portugal
IBM España

Experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and servicesindustry. Skilled in Sales, Systems, Banking, Enterprise Software, and Enterprise Architecture.

Miguel Abreu


I help companies to embrace digital transformation, empowering marketing and business units with the best digital business platform: Magnolia ( Strong entrepreneurial skills, which have been used in my current position, where I have been taking care of everything that has been needed to grow the business, providing excellent services to clients and bringing good profit to the company. Agile... Más información

Miguel Ángel Díaz

Responsable de desarrollo de negocio APPDEV & MIDDLEWARE
Red Hat

Miguel Ángel Díaz, as Aeronautical Engineer, started designing components of aircrafts and helicopters. After that, for more than 20 years, he has been working on Software Editor companies in several roles, presales, professional services director, and key account manager,... in companies such as PTC, TIBCO, MicroStrategy. Also he has work for a system integrator as Business Developer Manager for Big... Más información

Moises Rivera

Senior Solution Architect Cloud Team Leader
Red Hat

Defensor del Open Source desde los años 90, cuenta con 17 años de experiencia trabajando en entornos Mission Critical con tecnologías Open Source. Su trabajo ha sido siempre eminentemente técnico, entendiendo y ayudando a los sus clientes a conseguir sus objetivos. A comienzo del 2000 utilizó metodologías de Extreme Programming (XP) y actualmente cuenta con la certificación de SCRUM Master... Más información

Montse Cervera

Estudiante de Ingeniería Industrial en la UC3M


Nacho Herranz

Cloud initiative leader
Paradigma Digital

I’m currently part of Paradigma's team, where I'm the leader of Cloud Iniciative. I Work helping Spanish companies to move to the Cloud. I’m always looking for new challenges and I’m interested in: agile, cloud and product design. In order to make high quality products I try to create a work environment that allows people to improve their skills and... Más información

I studied Physics, the specialty of Astrophysics. I have been IT head for systems departments for more than 13 years and in the last 8 years I have been working in the third sector, in different non-governmental organizations. Currently and for more than six years I have been IT head for IT systems department at Amnesty International Spain, where we... Más información

.I am a legal investigator, committed to innovate in the world of the IT and Entertainment Laws giving the best solutions for complex problems. I am a lawyer and cofounder at Abanlex, which was founded in 2008. I am also a lecturer in several post-degree courses and masters. I spend part of my time in writing manuals of laws, collaborating... Más información

As a physicist, I started my career at the Nuclear Physics Group in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where I became interested in the technical part of the work, linked to computational physics and Linux systems management. In 2012 I left the academic world and I started working for BlueTC as an external consultant in Ericsson R&D. There I began... Más información

Computer Engineer and Master in Advanced Computer Technologies by the University of Huelva with specialization in Data Mining and Machine Learning. 12 years of professional experience in both the public and private sector, building software and making data analysis and visualizations. I am currently working on Enreda co-operative of which I am a partner and in which we carry out... Más información

Pablo San Emeterio

CSA & Innovation analyst

Pablo San Emeterio is a Computer Engineer and Master in Auditing and Information Security by the UPM, has been working in the security world for more than 8 years, mainly highlighting his research on the security of the various instant messaging applications along with works on Hooking techniques. This has allowed him to participate as a keynote speaker at major... Más información

Philip Swinnen

Managing Director
87 seconds

Philip Swinnen is managing director at 87seconds. He helps organisations (public and private) to boost their digital and visual communications strategy. 87seconds is a creative agency specialised in online video production and video strategy, with offices in Madrid, Brussels (HQ), Paris, Lyon, Geneva and Amsterdam, with recurrent international clients including BBVA, SEAT, Total, Michelin, Uber and the European Commission. Más información

Raúl Jiménez Ortega

Head of Developers & Startups program
Esri España

I studied computer science but I am a vocational entrepreneur. In my spare time I love to start new projects and share my knowledge with everyone else. During my career I have founded one startup, worked for two more, give more than 50 talks, developed more than 60 web sites, built 3 mobile applications and one app for Android Wear... Más información

Systems administrator, web designer and Educator in TIC´s. Passionate and defender of Free Software, with more than a lustrum of work in Saregune,I have been fortunate to participate in a community development project since its inception, with more than 13 years of experience. This project of the Sartu-Álava Association, Is a meeting space in the Old Town of Vitoria-Gasteiz from... Más información

Rita Madariaga

Digital Business Integration Manager
Accenture Digital

Rita started her career in Bilbao as a web programmer, where she spent 5 years before coming to Madrid to join Tecnilógica (now Accenture Digital Liquid IT Team) where she has been working for more than 10 years. In Tecnilógica, she developed web and mobile projects, and now she spends her time between project management and the deputy management of... Más información

Licensed Economist and Free Software advocate & IT Consultant focused on expanding the benefits of free knowledge transmission and collaboration for a fast-growing sustainable development and democratic society since 1997.

Roberto Galán Martín

Software Architect

Roberto Galán, Software Architect at GMV, has more than 9 years of experience developing, designing and implementing highly scalable solutions in different clients and sectors. His main areas of interest are: Java EE, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Process Improvement, SEO, and Front-End Development with Angular. He has the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, and currently leads the development and implementation of... Más información

Rodrigo Méndez

Digital Marketing & Business Development

MIBer (ISDI MIB graduate 2015), proactive, self-starter marketing professional with hands-on experience on delivering profitable products going through all product development stages, from conceptualization to development and go-to-market activities. Currently overseeing Digital Marketing and Business Development at - SEO & SEM - Digital Marketing Plan - Social Networks - Copy & Content Strategy - e-commerce and digital advertising strategy... Más información

Samuel Marín

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Samuel Marín, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, is responsible in Spain for Internet Solutions of Things, Big Data, Mobility and Security. He holds a Bachelor as Telecommunications Engineer with extensive experience Cloud, Cybersecurity and Networks. Throughout his career he has performed different job positions in technical and commercial fields in recognized multinationals and has worked with clients in several sectors.... Más información


Sandra Gómez Aguilar

Technical Lead & Software Engineer

Passionated for technology, Sandra works as a Software engineer at mimacom in distributed teams across Europe and United States. She has worked in different projects as a full stack developer and as a technical lead, in which she has mainly developed her skills in technologies such as Java, Spring and AngularJS. Más información

BS in Software Engineer with almost 20 years of professional experience. Currently works as a project consultant in Software AG Spain coordinating the development of applications for economic management within the Economic Applications service of the General Treasury of Social Security. He is the founder of the z-games ltd video game company, oriented to the development of interactive fiction games... Más información

Sergio Hinchado

Senior Manager

My professional career combines some of my passions: helping people get the best possible job, empowering their careers, and helping businesses find the talent they need to reach all their goals. All of that with a business focus and development, being the management of my team my priority. In order not to lose the pulse of the market, I also... Más información

Sergio Murillo

Director de Marketing

Sergio-Nabil Khayyat is Big Data Architect in the Algorithm Engineering Area at Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (IIC). He holds degrees in Information Technology (UAM, 2009), Mathematics (UAM, 2009), Information Technology and Telecommunications (UAM, 2011) and a Master in Mathematics and Applications (UAM, 2011). He has specialised in Big Data Architecture, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning for over...

Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News and also freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, The Southern Star, Dublin Globe and other publications. He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, Dublin Tech Summit, and overseas in Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga and Helsinki over the last 12 months. He is... Más información Formulario Ponentes 2017 (respuestas) Formulario Ponentes 2017 (respuestas) Philippe OpenExpo Comentarios Compartir ArchivoEditarVerInsertarFormatoDatosHerramientasFormularioComplementosAyudaTodos los cambios guardados en Drive €% 123 Arial 10 Stefan Junestrand holds a PhD in Architecture, and is a specialist in Intelligent Buildings and Smart Cities. He is Founding Partner and CEO of Grupo Tecma Red, Spains leading company in information, communication and knowledge generation about... Más información

Teresa Sánchez-Herrera has a wide experience in Sales, Marketing and Communication in the offline and online sector. Teresa works to boost the expansion of Retail Rocket in our country and position the company as a leader in the industry of big data technologies and web personalization for online shops in Spain.

Thomas Person

Software Architect, BBVA API Market

Thomas Person is a software engineer with 10 years experience mainly as Java developer. He began his career in France before moving to Madrid in 2007. He is currently working at BBVA as member of the API Market team responsible for opening BBVA APIs' to third party providers. Thomas has a master's degree in Physics Engineering and Telecom School of...

Topher Zimmermann

Product Manager en Magnolia

Christopher is a software developer and startup enthusiast with a focus on front-end web technologies. An interest in innovative UI results in diverse experimentation from phone based GPS services, to Oculus Rift immersive experiences. Today his mission at Magnolia is to increase developers' productivity and joy. He organises the monthly 'basel.js' javascript meetup group.

Ulises Gascón

Full Stack Javascript Developer

Full Stack Javascript Developer specialized in Internet of Things using open hardware like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Active collaborator in open source development comunities. Expert in product and prototypes development with HTML5, JS (Node.js, Backbone…). Ex-IBMer.

Victor Escudero Rubio

Cybersecurity Arquitect
Necsia IT Consulting

Cybersecurity expert, Victor currently works as Security Architect for an important nationwide Banking institution. Victor is a passionate advocate of Free Libre and Open Source Software and was one of the early adopters of Bitcoin from the very beginning. He enjoys spreading his deep knowledge and experience about Blockchain protocols through conferences and round-table discussions.

Entrepreneur, professional speaker and mentor. He has more than 18 years of multi sectorial experience. He has an investor club, 2 business center and one Coworking area. He was President of AJE cdad Valenciana and Delegate for Proworkspaces. Actually, he is President for Valencian Community. Technology, marketing, and innovation are his passion. His speeches are quite different than others

Xavi Conesa Serrat

Client Services Director

Xavi Conesa is Client Services Director in Visyon. Responsible of New Business, Marketing and PR. With tech and psychology studies, he specialized in the user experience in digital environments and data management. In 2015 he joined Visyon to explore the boundaries of emerging technologies VR and AR Previously he worked as a freelancer and startups in the development of web... Más información

Yuri Fernández

Comms Lead Uber Spain and Portugal

Yuri Fernández was born in Barcelona in 1981. He has a degree in Information Sciences from the Autónoma University of Barcelona and has a Business Communications Master from the University of Groningen. He started his career in the EasyJet airlines Communication department for Spain and Portugal until he joined the direction of Young & Rubicam’s Branded PR new division. In... Más información