OpenExpo Europe is the largest Congress and Professional Fair on IT Innovation in Europe.

June 20th 2019, with more than 3500 attendees of the sector, professionals from all industries, communities, major international companies, decision makers, associations, foundations and institutions, technical profiles, experts and users of all levels to learn about the latest trends, services and tools. Increase the network of contacts, employment opportunities, generate leads and businesses and, know beforehand, all the benefits of open IT innovation.

OpenExpo Europe continues to evolve year after year offering companies the most up-to-date information on business transformation, trends within the IT sector and the latest innovations.

An entire day of conferences, business cases, keynote speakers, practical workshops, round tables, demos and many other activities.

The 6th edition offers a great event for the professionals and technology enthusiast with a special interest in Open Source technologies and the new ways to develop the digital transformation of their business. This edition focuses on the technological innovation. OpenExpo Europe is the mean to inform the international community about the diverse contributions that Open Source and Free Software have within the current and future digital revolutions.

Visitors are encouraged to collaborate, share and learn about a large variety of topics and get to know how the Open Source improves the innovation and the agility in companies to bolster their global transformation and their technological processes.


OpenExpo Europe 2019

“Rubika”: An anti-rubber hose technology

Rubber Hose attacks are well-known. Getting access to a password or to a physical biometry could be done by easy ways like Ruber Hose Attacks. Due to this, security researches have developed new anti rubber hose identity mechanishims. Here, Chema Alonso will talk about a new one. Base on your “Rubika”.
Chema Alonso

How everyday testing can improve your security?

Lately there has been a lot of presentations on the topic of security and how that is everybody’s job. This presentation is an extensive list of examples when things went the wrong way, all coming from the open source world. I will talk a bit about tools and a few techniques that we use in the Kiwi TCMS project to...
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Alexander Todorov

Data Governance

The great technological revolution in which we live has exponentially triggered the generation and consumption of data. How we can control this data and get more value out of it is a challenge that requires the digital transformation of companies. Data governance is part of this digital transformation, and is a cultural change at both the business and technical levels....
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Javier Blanco Romero

MySQL 8.0: Highly Available, JSON, NoSQL & Document Store straight out-of-the-box!

MySQL has it all! InnoDB Cluster: Group Replication, MySQL Router & MySQL shell together with JSON datatype, Document Store & CRUD access into a schemaless developing infrastructure, where you can change between javascript and sql by 1 command, without having to disconnect our session. With Recursive Common Table Expressions, Window functions, Invisible indexes and a new utility to help migrate...
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Keith Hollman

Open Source within corporate walls: The Case of a German Fashion Platform

How Zalando applied open source principles internally to foster code sharing and collaboration. Definitely of InnerSource and InnerSource journey at Zalando: challenges, lesson learned and metrics for delivery performance.
Hong Phuc Dang

Hybrid cloud management with Foreman

Foreman is an open source project allowing easy provisioning and management of hosts across your entire infrastructure – bare metal, virtual or in the cloud. Foreman integrates with configuration management tools such as Puppet and Ansible, allowing powerful capabilities managing hosts once they are provisioned. Through its pluggable architecture, Foreman allows for multiple extensions and integrations with additional services –...
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Tomer Brisker









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