Open Cloud: why an interoperable cloud is the key

06 Jun 2018
12:00 - 12:30
Auditorio Red Hat
Carlos López Infante
CEO / SysAdmin / DevOps
Antonio Pizarro
Senior Business Development Manager

Open Cloud: why an interoperable cloud is the key

We all know that the future of IT lies in the cloud, but the question is “What type of cloud do we want?” At OVH, we strongly believe that companies must retain control over their information system and cloud must be interoperable and not creates dependencies among the users. Learn how our solutions based on open source technologies like OpenStack promotes reversibility and how our hybrid cloud promotes multicloud environments.

Also, discover with our partner Systempix a case about how to develop a real-time voting app for on a popular television program. This application was based on high-performance and open source infrastructure, being able to support up to 3,000,000 concurrent sessions. What challenges did we have to face it from the beginning?


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