Andrés Pedrera



Always from the IT perspective, Andrés Pedrera developed his career in several sectors. Computer Engineer, Entrepreneur, he sold his company to Jazztel in 1999, with the condition to join the group for the new project they were starting, After leaving in 2007, he joins RTVE as IT Director, for the creation of RTVE Medios Interactivos, successful project which changed the audiovisual scenario in Spain. Actually, he works as CIO for Hola/Hello group, and also as a consultant for several companies and startups, regarding technology, digital transformation, organizational changes, and processes. He planted a lot of trees, wrote several books, and had 2 children, but that was no stopper to avoid him to keep looking for projects and experiences with which learn and grow.

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11:45 - 12:30
Auditorio IBM