Maybe the long-awaited moment has arrived ?

Very important things are happening in the free software world, mature projects such as Slimbook, System76 and Purism, to name three among them, can effectively enhance free operating systems «disembarkation» on the desktop and finally, try to capture an important quota of users.


Installing and working with GNU/Linux on computers designed for another operating system, in the past, have presented great difficulties, which only could be solved by experienced users. The lack of suitable drivers for different functionalities (graphics, sound, wifi, ethernet, etc) have not allow quick and easy usability. In the other hand, necessary programs for a reasonable system use, did not meet the quality and maturity required by the users, I mean, offimatics programs, image editing, video editing, technical drawing, etc. Also, unpolished and nonfunctional user interfaces, had been adding great difficulties to the adaptation of GNU/Linux by the end user.

GNU/Linux looked doom to a geeks and gurus «niche», very far from the average user experience, despite the great free operating system stability, and their  security against viruses. Despite dominating supercomputers universe, large servers and mobile world, the so-called «desktop kingdom» seemed closed and its percentage of users is laughable (still in the order of 2%). Old technological cultures, and monopoly business model is drawing a dark picture.

purism librem

Differents GNU/Linux distributions substantially have improved its installation and configuration, its usability criteria, and different interfaces design quality. A lot of programs achieved important advances in the same sense, I mean, Libreoffice, Gimp, Blender, Cinelerra, VLC, among others. More drivers availability, and the browser emergence as an essential element for daily work, slowly begin to clear the way. Distributions how Deepin, Manjaro, Solus, KDE Neon, Nitrux, Linux Mint and Elementary, PopOS!, PureOS deployed a high technical quality and beauty in the design of their interfaces, easy installation and configuration, finally, is real and possible to get an «out the box» Distro.

But, still remains missed a piece to close the puzzle well: hardware designed to run free operating systems, without drivers ghosts that not work, and frustrating updates. Even better, if the operating system comes pre-installed and ready to run. Precisely in this field Slimbook, System76 and Purism provide great hardware solutions from the begin. High-end computers components, high quality design and construction with a complementary software allow a great and efficient user experience.

pop os

Notice, small companies, also created by people coming from free software communities, allow direct communication between users and suppliers. Also possibility generate development instances and research that encompass communities and companies mentioned before. Finally, users, software developers and hardware companies will be able to build a harmonious and sustainable environment to «conquer» the desktop, a matter that has been pending for many years. Congratulations to all !!

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