Python & Tryton

In the last 12 months there have been more Americans who have entered Google to search for information about Python than about Kim Kardashian. It may not be the most relevant data from a scientific point of view but it perfectly illustrates the extraordinary growth of this programming language. Another fact: according to a report published by Forbes magazine, in 2017 Python’s growth was 456% compared to the previous year.


Moreover, this indisputable trend must be combined with data referring to its rivals in terms of programming languages: according to Google Trends from 2010 to the present day, Google queries on Python have tripled, while those relating to all other programming languages have been reduced or, at best, maintained.


But why? What does Python have to become the most important computer language of the moment? The reasons are powerful:

  • It’s simple. The code that is developed in three hours in Java takes you only 30 minutes in Python. In fact, it is one of the easiest languages to read and to develop. The syntax is simple and the interface transparent. This makes it massively adopted by new and veteran programmers.
  • It is free. Python is itself an open source language. This means that it is available to any developer and, therefore, is used in all kinds of technological projects. This variety of use and adaptability is what has made it a market leader.
  • It is compatible. Python can be combined with C, C++, Java and other leading programming languages. This gives developers the ability to create unique hybrid applications using the functionalities of different languages.
  • It is modulable. Python users have created a virtual repository that includes 150,000 pre-programmed modules that are available to anyone who wants to use them. These modules cover absolutely any field, from video games to astronomy, and can be inserted into a Python development in a matter of seconds.

All these features have made Python the first choice for any programmer. So, Netflix uses Python to recommend movies, Dropbox is built with Python, Google uses Python to crawl web pages, Pixar produces animation films with Python, and Tryton helps to organize your business with Python.

Betting on Python since 2008  

Tryton is the open source ERP developed on Python language. This bet, original from the year 2008 when this business management solution was created, now makes perfect sense.

While large companies decided to develop their own languages to protect their programs (SAP with ABAP or Microsoft Dynamics with C/AL), Tryton is based on a simple, free, compatible and modulable language. And what is even more important: a language that is upward trend and that most programmers know. It is the same programming language that the big technological companies and from the most innovative fields, such as blockchain or machine learning, are betting on.

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