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.Editorial specialized in the edition and publication of specialized books on computer security and hacking.

2byte.es was born in 2008, to provide technology solutions aimed exclusively at companies, all based on the OpenSource philosophy as a primary guide, providing “true freedom”, without neglecting the quality and recognition of the products offered, Enjoying a pre-sale and after-sales service that lives up to the expectations of our client portfolio. Our product range is summarized in three main... Más información

Stand: 40

A3Sec is a business group present in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and the USA, which provides professional solutions in the areas of Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence and Big Data.DATA forms is the epicenter of  our business. Around it, we offers an ecosystem of multidisciplinary and innovative services and solutions, always with the focus on generating value to our clients. A3Sec is specialized... Más información

Stand: 20

acens, set company Telefonica offers services “Hosting”, “Housing” and telecommunications solutions for the enterprise market, is pioneer in the development of Cloud solutions most complete and competitive of the market. It operates since 1997 and offers services in Spain, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. It also has two Data Centers in Spain with more than 6.000 square meters, being a leading... Más información

In Ackstorm, with more than 14 years of experience in the Management and Integration of Systems, we are experts in Architecture Design, Implementation and Administration 24 × 7 of Cloud platforms for companies and organizations that have a critical channel for their business on the Internet . Our experience in Cloud and Systems architectures, together with the development of our... Más información

Stand: 6

AETICAL is a non-profit Sectorial Federation constituted by companies in the Information, Communication and Electronics Technologies sector of Castilla y León, founded in 1999. The mission of the Federation is to be a dynamic entity aimed at improving competitiveness and ensuring sustainable growth of ICT companies in our community. Among its objectives are those of contributing to solve the problems... Más información

Agencia SIM was born in 1997 in response to an increase in the demand for marketing consulting services. It is a business project with national and international vocation whose main goal is to help SMEs and large companies to boost their business through the development of his brand, products and service image. Since the beginning, Agencia SIM has been linked... Más información

.Cloud Network was born as the Spanish group that lumps together companies that clearly bet on cloud computing as the business model to follow in their companies either as suppliers or as technological users. The mission of Cloud Network is clear: to be the speaker of a new paradigm in the democratization of information technologies to increase productivity and improve... Más información

As one of the world’s leading distributors of mutual funds (“Funds”), our aim is to provide the necessary tools to help investors gain the freedom to choose from the world’s best investment managers. We aim to add value by increasing the level of efficiency in the financial industry through a programme of continuous technological improvement. Our business supports this mission... Más información

Arsys is the Cloud Computing Service Provider that leads the Spanish market of Internet solutions for companies and IT professionals. Pioneer of cloud hosting in Europe thanks to its commitment to innovation, Arsys facilitates the integration of Information Technology in the business through a wide range of solutions for Web Presence, Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting and Infrastructure as a Service.... Más información

Stand: 4

DEC was born with the vision to develop the CX concept throughout society to allow companies to be recognized for delivering a unique, differential and profitable experience when creating a strong customer engagement with sustainable results. DEC is the first Association to promote best practices in CX in Spain and LATAM. Más información

The Spanish Drupal Association (AED) is a non-profit organization created by volunteers whose aim is to promote the use and dissemination of Drupal in Spain and support to its community and local groups. The AED organizes and finances national and local events, thanks to the contributions of its partners and collaborating companies.

Nuestro objetivo es crear un entorno favorable para el desarrollo de Startups y empresas Fintech e Insurtech en España, realizando labores de interlocución, comunicación y colaboración con los organismos y agentes relevantes del sistema para fortalecer su crecimiento y su ecosistema. Representamos a las Fintech mediante grupos verticales liderados por coordinadores especializados. Contamos con un un área de investigación para... Más información

Advanced Software Production Line (ASPL), is a company highly specialized in Linux solutions and its integration with other platforms.

Stand: 43

With about 1000 experts and over 20 years of experience, atSistemas delivers IT consulting, services and software development which to help organizations to be more efficient and profitable. With more than 20 years of experience, we are one of the main referral in the Spanish market. By combining an in depth understanding of our clients’ businesses with a high level... Más información

Stand: 42

BABEL is a multinational company providing technology services designed to power major organisations in their digital transformation process. What do we want? BABEL is recognised for to be a reference of the best enterprise providing digital services for huge corporations. We are competitive with our culture and team of work where we built a leader employees and future of future... Más información

Stand: 39

Bacula Systems is the leading Enterprise Open Core network backup and restore software company in the world. We combine Bacula’s enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services to offer your business the best data protection solutions. We are known for our commitment to robust, secure and reliable backup solutions. We are a company that represents the disruptive... Más información

Stand: 33

BILIB is the Technological Support Center to Citizens and Companies, located in Albacete, is a promoted center by the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha. It’s main function consists of foresting the use of the new technologies in Castilla-La Mancha, strenghten the information and consultancy given to the entrepreneurs and SMEs of the region, through the promotion of the ICT’s. Furthermore,... Más información

Helping companies and organizations to understand development teams and processes

At Blockchain4Cities, our mission is to investigate the use of blockchain in the urban governance and development of smart cities. Our thesis is that cities based on the blockchain will be more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive than their counterparties. Embracing the blockchain, we envision cities under a new form of governance that will better integrate citizen needs, boost the collaborative... Más información

BU Consulting emerges from the motivation and enthusiasm of a young team of entrepreneurs specialized in the design and implementation of IT systems, with the firm conviction that knowledge belongs to people. Because of that BU technicians offer to our customers the know-how, to provide them the best solutions tailored to their needs. BU believes in perseverance, creativity, honesty, efficiency... Más información

Stand: 70

El equipo de BrainSINS está enfocado en conseguir que sus clientes vendan más (y mejor), gracias a nuestra solución de personalización eCommerce "all-in-one", única en el mercado. BrainSINS es una plataforma de personalización para eCommerce "all-in-one" que se integra fácilmente en cualquier tienda online y te ayuda a aumentar las ventas y ofrecer una mejor experiencia de compra. Más información

CEL is a non-profit organization, pioneer in the dissemination of knowledge and the contribution to the development of the logistics sector in Spain since 1978. As a founding member of ELA (European Logistics Association) and representative in Spain for APICS and ISM (Institute for Supply Management), the CEL adds an international dimension in his effort to develop Supply Chain activities... Más información

Stand: 4

CITET, Center for Innovation in Logistics and Transport of Goods, is a non-profit association that is responsible for organizing technology dissemination activities and innovation projects for the competitive improvement of the logistics and transport sector. It tries to put in contact the offer and the technological demand for the sector of the logistics and the transport, as well as to... Más información

Startup specialiced in APIs. We can define and develop API Governances, using any API Manager, as Axway, IBM, WSO2, Apigee or AnypointPlatform. We develop products with API Architecture, which are very good for startups companies and big companies that they want to grow and innovate. We also administer Cloud Systems as AWS, IBM and Azure. We are specialized in defining... Más información

Stand: 19B

Cohaerentis is a strategic, consulting firm that specializes in new economy and its subsectors. Our consultancy is designed to support and promote the digital transformation of organizations. We help our clients to: Know their digital abilities. Identify and incorporate technologies and processes that help them become more competitive. Improve technical, legal and organizational security processes Capture, train and manage digital... Más información

Comunicae is an on-line tool to send and distribute news in digital media in Spain, Latin America and the rest of the world. For companies and brands that are looking for create reputation and web positioning, this platform is a great communication solution. With a data base of more than 50,000 receptors (journalists, bloggers, influencers) and guaranteed publication in online... Más información

"Conectando Startups" is a platform that aims to unite companies, startups and Entrepreneurs through different activities, such as workshops, Events or acceleration and mentoring programs. Our aim is to cover an increasing demand of promoting entreprenurial culture through spanish population. "Conectando Startups" is a joint initiative of Pablo Sammarco (General Manager The Social Media Family) and Chema Nieto (CEO Socialnius),... Más información

In dinahosting we are your web hosting and domain option. We have been offering everything you need since 2001 so you can develop on the Internet succesfully. Thanks to your confidence and to the 98 thousand people like you we have become leaders, keeping ourselves totally independent of national or foreign investment groups. We are continually evolving to help you... Más información

Stand: 51A

.Director TIC, digital communication channel, (web site, e-magazine and newsleter), it is focused into the C-Level of Spanish medium size companies and large firms. It is recently awarded by the AEEPP (Spanish Asociation of Publications) as the best digital publication on 2016, and this communication media make a deep analysis about aspects related to the company digital transformation, trends and... Más información

DRLM is a Centralized Management Open Source solution for small-to-large Disaster Recovery implementations using ReaR. Is an easy-to-use software to manage your growing ReaR infrastructure. Is written in the bash language (like ReaR) and offers all needed tools to efficiently manage your GNU/Linux disaster recovery backups, reducing Disaster Recovery management costs.

Stand: 70

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ElevenPaths, Telefónica's global cybersecurity unit. The digital world opens up a world of endless possibilities for both individuals and businesses. Therefore, at ElevenPaths we create disruptive innovation in cybersecurity in order to provide the privacy and trust that our digital life needs. This objective can only be achieved by combining the freshness and energy of a start-up with the power,... Más información

SALESmanago is a cloud based online marketing automation platform used by over 10 000 companies all over the world that manage databases of over 200 mln customers. SALESmanago unique features for real-time personalization via all channels, CRM, emailmarketing, SMS, webmarketing, App, social media. Más información

Stand: 13A

En.Digital es un podcast por y para los profesionales del mundo Digital, cubriendo todos los aspectos relacionados con los negocios en Internet (marketing, tecnología, negocio, operaciones y logística, aspectos legales y seguridad, etc.) desde una perspectiva crítica y plural. En.Digital es posible gracias a las empresas de los integrantes del equipo, que facilitan el tiempo necesario para llevar a cabo... Más información

To constantly evolve and adapt to this new changing society, EOI bases its training offering on four basic core themes. Our aim is for the professionals we train to be able, after studying at our school, to conduct business practices and carry out projects based on these four principles. Because we believe these are fundamental keys to understanding contemporary society.... Más información

EUDE Business School is a postgraduate institution that specializes in training leaders and professionals in the business field to respond to the needs of an everevolving and increasingly globalized world, in a way that brings added value to their respective professions and contributes to the advancement of entrepreneurship. The successful formation of more than 50,000 students over the course of... Más información

Europa Press is the largest private news agency in Spain. Incorporated more than 50 years ago as an independent company without any editorial, political, financial or any other group’s backing, has always maintained its two basic principles: PROFESSIONALISM and INDEPENDENCE. More than 500 journalists in its Spanish offices plus a network of international stringers (editors, reporters, photographers, TV cameramen…) work... Más información

Concentrated engineering expertise, global connectivity and flexibility – that's the mark of FERCHAU ENGINEERING&IT. Regardless of whether you require long-standing knowledge of aerospace engineering & IT or more – we are the perfect partner for your international development projects.

Stand: 19A

logo fictizia

FICTIZIA is a Center for Training Specialists in Digital Arts and New Technologies located in Madrid´s city center. Our training programs include Masters, Specialization Courses and Workshops for Digital Product Development Technologies, Interactive Design, 3D, VFX, Animation, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design and Branding. Quality in education and training is a must for us and is obtained with a very dedicated... Más información

Stand: 47

"Somos un Think-Tank que promueve el desarrollo del ecosistema fintech en España" Encuentros sectoriales en: #FintechInside Eventos en: #FintechExperience Nuestros CEOs en: #Fintechers

With a trajectory of almost 30 years, Flytech provides reliable, easy-to-adapt and 100% customized customer solutions. As a value-added company, it offers high technology to both large accounts and public administration and to the specialized channel of distributors, always with advice, efficiency and dedication by the whole team. Flytech is at the forefront of technology by offering solutions for Hyperconvergent... Más información

Stand: 40A

Formadores IT is a leading company providing IT services. We are focused in specialized training, staff selection processes and technological outsourcing within a national scope with headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Sevilla, Málaga, Bilbao and A Coruña but also with international presence in Mexico D.F., through the Group Digital Educational Innovation. We are a training consulting company with more... Más información


Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology. Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. It is important that this technology empowers rather than restricts us. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt and share software. These rights help support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of... Más información

Gaceta Tecnológica is a pioneer communication portal specialized in open source. Founded in 2005 as a printed media, it has evolved to the website www.gacetatecnologica.com/ where its team, expert and passionate about free technologies, helps companies with content, marketing and open content events.

The management software that connects all your private and business activity. It lets you to access a single website to perform all the tasks that your professional activity requires you in your everyday life... billing, budgets, service management, control over workers, well-classified documents in the cloud, your virtual store in the largest showcase possible, notice about expiration of contracts, documents,... Más información

GR-EX is an international B2B exhibition on technologies annually held in Madrid, Spain. A commercial multisectoral business platform, fostering the synergies between innovative companies. It’s a place to show products, expand commercial networks, find distributors, get investment, and attend to C-level conferences. Más información

GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV offers its solutions, services and products in very diverse sectors: Aeronautics, Banking and Finances, Space, Defense, Health, Security, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Telecommunications, and Information Technology for Public Administration and large corporations. Our goal is to support our client's processes by dint of technologically advanced... Más información

Stand: 41

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From 1998 - Experts on International Digital Marketing

The level of quality of IE master's and executive education programs have positioned it among the best in the world in international rankings drawn up by key publications that include Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Economist, Aspen Institute and América Economía.

 IEBS, the business school for innovation and entrepreneurs, emerges in the year 2009 with the main goal of offering a competitive alternative to traditional business schools, focusing primarily on innovation as a means for knowledge, entrepreneurship, ethics and sustainability. Today, it is recognized as the most innovative new generation business school and has paved its way on the charts, having... Más información

The IED Madrid is a Centre for Higher Education in Design which belongs to the IED Group, an international network that emerged in Italy in 1966 and now has 11 schools between Italy, Spain and Brazil.With a wide range of training courses in the areas of fashion design, product design, interior design, visual arts, communications and management, it has three... Más información

Imérir, short for Mediteranean engineering institute of computing and robotics, is an accredited graduate school of engineering with a focus on computer science and robotics, founded in 1981. We prepare our students to careers in software engineering applied to the real of high technology: robotics industrial (control of industrial robots and cobots) robotics service (drones, exoskeleton, humanoid robot, embedded computing)... Más información

Incubaweb is the blog about software and Web 2.0 in it you can find everything related to Software, Web 2.0, Betas, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Open Source ... And thousands of technological ideas to get your startup going!


Irontec is a company located in Bilbao, located in a business center with a large presence of technology companies on the banks of the Nervión River. In its 13 years in the market Irontec has managed to position itself as the most important company specializing in open source open source technologies in Euskadi and is one of the references at... Más información

KDE Blog is a web space about Free Software centered over the KDE Community and its magnificent workspaces for personal computers, laptops and tablets. The purpose of the blog is to help those who wish to start in the GNU / Linux world, to offer news about Free Software and provide tricks to optimize the use of applications or the... Más información

Blog dedicated to inform about news of GNU-Linux and free software

Loogic is a central member of the startup ecosystem with a range of services (online media, mentors and investment solutions) that have become the best source of resources for startups in the initial phases of development.

LUCA is Telefónica’s specialist data unit, which sits within the Chief Data Office, led by Chema Alonso.  Its mission is to bring Telefónica's know-how in transforming into a data-driven organisation to other private and public sector organisations in a wide range of sectors including Retail, Tourism, Outdoor Media, Financial Services and Transport.  Its diverse product portfolio, which brings together expertise... Más información

Magnolia is the open source, Enterprise CMS built for companies that seek to grant more autonomy and freedom to their Marketing teams so they are able to innovate and to optimize their online presence in real time, and to actually personalize the UX of its visitors. Companies like Atlassian, Telefonica, Prosegur, Clínica Universidad de Navarra and various Ministries already use... Más información

Stand: 35

Nace en el año 2014 en España de la mano de expertos en procesos de marketing digital especializados en generación de demanda y elaboración de contenidos para empresas B2B. Nuestro objetivo es compartir con otros profesionales del marketing los RECURSOS TECNOLÓGICOS que les ayudarán a mejorar su negocio y su marketing.

Marketing4eCommerce.net is an online medium focuse in digital marketing and eCommerce news in Spain. More than 80,000 unique monthly visitors find the latest news about the digital sector in our country: from the latest movements of giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter or Amazon, to interviews with the main CEOs of online industry. In addition, Marketing4eCommerce has presence in Mexico (Marketing4eCommerce.mx)... Más información

Medios y Redes is a company with more than 20 years of experience in blogging and an extensive network of digital media that offers services related to online content

Spanish engineering company specialized in railway signalling and automotive areas, and performing R&D and engineering projects for safety environments Más información

Stand: 50

MuyComputerPRO is the main source of business technology information for IT managers and professionals in Spain. MuyComputerPRO allows IT decision makers to take more informed IT related and business decisions with up to date news, interviews, reports, whitepapers, events… As the most visited IT pro on-line magazine in Spain with a strong community of readers and subscribers It’s an ideal... Más información

Web on Linux and all kinds of hardware and software development with Open Source philosophy, Free Software and Open Source.

Networking is a philosophy that consists of establishing a professional network of contacts that allows us to get to know ourselves and our business, listen and learn from others, find potential partners, partners or investors. Active networking enables the exchange of information and contacts as well as establishing relationships with people who share common professional interests. We network to advance... Más información

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a California public benefit corporation, with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, founded in 1998. We are also actively involved in Open Source community-building, education, and public advocacy to promote awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software. OSI Board members frequently travel the world to attend Open Source conferences and events, meet with open source developers and users, and... Más información

Specializing in cloud and internet infrastructure, OVH offers innovative products and services evolving around three universes: Cloud, Dedicated and Web. Since being founded in 1999, the company has become an established partner for hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide. OVH owes its success not only to a development model built on innovation but also to keeping full control over the... Más información

Stand: 30

OW2 is an independent community dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure (middleware and generic applications) and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. OW2 federates some one hundred organizations and 6000 IT Professionals in Europe, Asia and the Americas. OW2 hosts some one hundred technology Projects, including ASM, Bonita, Chameleon, CLIF, DocDoku, Easybeans, Emerginov, Fractal, FusionDirectory, JOnAS, JORAM,... Más información

Programming in Spanish. Resources and documentation for developers in Spanish: programming languages, operating systems, databases, algorithms, internet,…

International Technology Company that has a strong specialisation in the delivery of projects in Linux environments. It offers high-level solutions at the forefront of the latest technologies: DevOps, BigData, Java, Elastic Search, InfluxDB, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack and desktop virtualization through QVD (Quality Virtual Desktop), VDI solution developed by the company. With offices in Spain, United Kingdom and Mexico.

Stand: 44B

An "Open" Company, Email Linux Servers Specialist and Open Source applications. Data Security and Privacy

Stand: 22

We are an international community who build their own replica robots from the Star Wars universe. Join us today to learn how to build your own!

Radio Intereconomía was born in 1994 becoming the first specialized radio in Economic and Financial Information. With a wide presence in Spain through FM and digital format (radiointereconmia.com and youtube), we have recently consolidated our leadership. Endorsed by more than 20 years of experience we have obtained the maximum profitability of our clients´ products.   Every week, from Monday to... Más información

Radio Off The Record, Diario 16's voice. Information and responsible entertainment. It's the radio that emits with free software 24 hours trough in live and streaming  

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. As a connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies... Más información

Stand: 2

The blog of the experts in Social Media to keep up with the latest news in the sector.r.

Revista Transformación Digital is addressed to professionals who lead the changes related to documents management (records managers) in companies and institutions as essential knowledge to achieve digital transformation that place our country in a competitive position in globalized economies. Revista Transformación Digital is the only publication free spanish magazine which publishes news and interviews, that gather initiatives and experiences of... Más información

Technology solutions company: Document Management (ECM), Business Process Modeler (BPM), ERP's and Biometric and Remote Digital Signature

Stand: 28

In Salenda we want our clients to optimize and automate their business processes through software and applications, so that they can focus on their business and maximize their core competitiveness. To do this, we transform business ideas into applications that work, following agile principles and using Java ecosystem technologies. We cover all processes of the software development life cycle to... Más información

Stand: 23

We are a technological company specialized in computer science and telecommunications with a highly qualified and experienced technical staff. Our main objective is to provide our customers with tailor-made high quality solutions to ensure that their technological investments will result not only in an improvement in performance and productivity, but also in an optimization of the technological resources, in order... Más información

Stand: 41

Spanish Startups is the community that connects the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. We organize all kinds of events (conferences, workshops, hackathons ...) involving different agents of the ecosystem to create value synergies and lasting relationships. Thanks to our online community distributed in different channels to share knowledge and maximize the dissemination of events. Currently we are more than 5,000 members with... Más información

Sysdig is the container intelligence company. We have created the only unified platform to deliver monitoring, security, and troubleshooting in a microservices-friendly architecture. Our open source technologies have attracted a community of over a million developers, administrators and other IT professionals looking for deep visibility into systems and containers. Our container intelligence platform monitors and secures millions of containers across... Más información

Stand: 58

tecnoempleo.com is the Recruitment Marketing site specialized in Software, Telecommunications and Technology. More than 460,000 candidates and 21,000 companies endorse our professional trajectory of more than 18 years in the human resources sector oriented to information technologies and communication. Más información

Tek’n’Life is a digital magazine focused on technology, science and lifestyle. It is aimed at people who enjoy reading. We offer a comprehensive view of everything that moves in our world, especially related to scientific and technological advances, without forgetting its impact on society and individuals. That is also the reason why TnL approach revolves around three key areas: personal,... Más información

Territorio Bitcoin es un proyecto sólido. Nuestros estándares de calidad nos obligan a analizar la empresa antes de anunciarla en nuestra web, para así garantizar a nuestros usuarios unos mínimos en calidad y coherencia. Nuestro objetivo principal es ofrecer al visitante información relevante sobre Bitcoin, la tecnología Blockchain y Fintech. Apostamos por contenidos de calidad y creemos firmemente en una publicidad responsable. Donde el... Más información

The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many like-minded software project communities of individuals who choose to join the ASF. Many of the ASF's 300+ projects today serve as the backbone for some of the world's most visible and widely used applications... Más información

Stand: CV 70

Transparent CDN started business in 2011. Currently, in addition to our offer in the Iberian market, Transparent CDN has an international presence to provide the highest quality and the best service in Europe, America, Asia, and soon in Australia. Thanks to the high scalability of the product, we are able to deploy points of presence in those areas where it... Más información

.We are a blog dedicated to promote the use of Ubuntu in all its flavors, trying that people learn to get the most out of it Más información

Since 2008 we are a web site specialized in showing all the current news about Ubuntu, Linux and technologies based on free software or open source. We also write tutorials, tricks and curiosities for geek people. Visit our website or find us on our social networks. ᐧ

We group the companies that design, organize, manage and control the processes of one or several phases of the supply chain (supply, transport, storage, distribution, assembly, final packaging, intermodal modality, capillary distribution, air cargo, urban mobility ... ), using physical, technological infrastructures and information systems, their own or those of others. Más información

VOZ.COM is a Global Solutions Provider for Companies, part of GLOBALTEL Group, that specializes in providing IP Telephony Solutions, CRM, ERP and Contact Center Software to companies of any size and activity sector. With 15 years of experience in the professional telecommunications sector, VOZ.COM solutions are oriented towards Multinational, Large Companies, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Utilities, Industry, etc., Contact Centers, SMEs,... Más información

WhiteBearSolutions (WBSgo) was founded in 2003 in Spain as a technology company. We have created and developed three solutions for medium and big-size organizations: WBSAirback (Storage and Backup Suite), WBSVision y SmartLogin (Identity and Access Management Suite). Our products reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to Open Source technologies, Open Standards, our own product architecture (based in an... Más información

Stand: 33

Medio online cuyo propósito es visibilizar la presencia femenina en el sector #STEM e impulsar el #empoderamientofemenino mediante las #nuevastecnologías

It is the perfect place to find the latest news related to the WordPress world. Discover the latest in plugging, new features, themes...

Zadarma is an established home and office phone systems provider. The company has international presence and more than 900,000 clients around the world that benefit from free Cloud PBX, wide range of virtual numbers and cost-effective price plans on international calls. Zadarma offers cloud communication solutions delivering maximum quality and reliability of its products and services. Más información

Stand: 34

Zextras Suite is a modular extension for Zimbra Collaboration. It brings a breadth of innovation to Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition through a mix of cutting edge technologies and a future-focused mindset. Zextras Suite is easy to use, state-of-the-art technology, combining automation and security to give you the best of both worlds – no compromises. Being always connected is not... Más información

Stand: 22

Zimbra provides a collaborative email system or Groupware powered by Zextras to serve critical functions of organizations. The base system offers emails and calendars through a web interface, along with advanced search capabilities, shared calendar and date relationships. The critical functions of backup, storage management, administration by domain, mobile sync are necessary components that every mail system need. Más información

Stand: 22