2byte.es was born in 2008, to provide technology solutions aimed exclusively at companies, all based on the OpenSource philosophy as a primary guide, providing “true freedom”, without neglecting the quality and recognition of the products offered, Enjoying a pre-sale and after-sales service that lives up to the expectations of our client portfolio. Our product range is summarized in three main blocks, all interconnected, for compact, scalable and integrated solutions, and a common objective: centralization of information and greater productivity of the daily processes of the administration of a business. These three blocks consist of three applications with different purposes: Self-administered web portals (Joomla), E-commerce (Prestashop) and Business Management System (ERP & CRM Dolibarr). Our primary work is the unification of information and global control from the core, which in our case is the ERP & CRM Dolibarr management system. By our knowledge, domain and experience, we are fully qualified to adapt any type of requirement, exposed by our clients, through our consultants, analysts and programmers. During all these years, we have become a benchmark, nationally and internationally, in the world of business management OpenSource, thanks to the Dolibarr ERP & CRM program, which has enabled us to develop and implement projects, so large and large scale , For clients such as AEAT (Public Treasury of Spain).