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acens Technologies, S.L
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acens, set company Telefonica offers services “Hosting”, “Housing” and telecommunications solutions for the enterprise market, is pioneer in the development of Cloud solutions most complete and competitive of the market. It operates since 1997 and offers services in Spain, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. It also has two Data Centers in Spain with more than 6.000 square meters, being a leading company in its field of activity. Currently, the customer base exceeds 67.000, with a wide range of contracted services ranging from website hosting to VPN (Virtual Private Network) with outsourcing of servers and applications and outbound transits Internet and hybrid, public and private cloud solutions, to cover each and every technology needs and business. In 2016 has developed the platform to teach online and face-to-face courses of cloud solutions, with videos and Masterclasses so users can solve problems.
acens manages 325.000 domains and mora than 1 million email accounts. It hosts 130.000 websites in their 6.500 servers which occupy 2 Petabytes of storage, and manages an output rate Internet over 4 Gigabits through a multi-operator backbone with presence in the Internet exchange point (Espanix, Catnix …). acens Cloud Hosting offers small and large companies more flexible working patterns, safe and effective, both in private cloud environments as public and mixed.
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