Our company’s main business areas are Software Quality Assurance and Service Quality & IT Governance, as well as Research and Training in the fields of software development and methodologies. We aim to offer our customers the best and most competitive quality solutions, in both software development and service management, in order to walk with them in their continuous improvement path. excentia is the official SonarSource partner in Latin America, and partner on an exclusive basis in Spain. SonarSource is the company behind SonarQube platform, the open source award winning code quality management tool and all the plugins ecosystem. Besides excentia’s contribution to the main open-source code and extensions, it also promotes the Spanish community through a public website with all the information in Spanish (sonarqubehispano.org). excentia is also Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, to provide solutions not only in code quality but also in management, collaborative tools, source control, messaging and other essential processes to unleash the potential in every team.