Fundación Cibervoluntarios


Cibervoluntarios Foundation is a non-profit organization shaped by social entrepreneurs pioneering that promotes the use and knowledge of new technologies as a means to alleviate social gaps, generate social innovation and foster citizen empowerment. The growing team have been working for 16 years training a network of social and technological volunteers: the cybervolunteers. Community leaders that seek, detect and analze social needs within their local environment and improve it through actions, activities and free training in several Digital Skills, tolos and applications for collectives that are at the risk of social inclusión to Foster citizen empowerment. Our long path is based on collaboration with others entities and organizations. From our Foundation we can contribute with our network of 1.500 cybervolunteers making actions directly with a network of almost 400 Grass roots Orgs throughout Spain. The cybervolunteers generate their own projects, framed by social innovation, from local to global, by the use of new tolos to solve old problems in a different way. Cibervoluntarios Foundation is pioneer in technological volunteering. Promoting en each activity the adoption of ICT by citizens, Institutions and other Little NGOs. Cibervoluntarios Foundation promotes the participation of the citizens building a more inclusive society in Europe.