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Imérir, short for Mediteranean engineering institute of computing and robotics, is an accredited graduate school of engineering with a focus on computer science and robotics, founded in 1981. We prepare our students to careers in software engineering applied to the real of high technology: robotics industrial (control of industrial robots and cobots) robotics service (drones, exoskeleton, humanoid robot, embedded computing) industrial software (development of mobile solutions, cybersecurity, smart applications, Internet of Things). Those are many and fast-evolving domains which shape the technological and employment landscape that our students and businesses will face. To successfully embrace those opportunities and challenges, companies will need skilled engineers capable of inventing, conceiving, manufacturing, selling, installing, programming, maintaining, evolving.

Imérir deliver Master and Bachelor degrees, for Master curricula we recruits students with a Bachelor degree. Applicants may follow our programs, either as apprentices or as students. This allows pursuing a higher level education while practicing a related professional activity. Our teaching mixes theory, practice, projects and real-world experience through either apprenticeship or internships.