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We are a Business Club in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​managed by Emilio Márquez, where the connections of trust between professionals are all made. Our mission is to connect professionals and companies: to mix work with debate to bring professionals and people together in high quality events.

We have a vocation to share, contents in the form of the conclusions of the professional debates that we organize and we want to reward the professionals who contribute more experiences and knowledge in our activities.

In social networks you have the La Latina valley company page on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Become a subscriber of our content in your professional social network.

In LinkedIn Groups we have the La Latina Valley community with over 29,000 professional participants and their local offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

We also have discussion groups Bilbao, Galicia, Málaga, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza. Benefits for subscribing to the La Latina Valley Club. If you want to know more about our activities you can consult our Questions and Answers FAQ.