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Open Source Weekends
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OSW embodies the share of knowledge and collaboration within members, being the aim of the community since it was born.

With an emphasis on face-to-face collaboration with other tech communities, Open Source Weekends massively increased their network thanks Campus, growing the community from 100 to more than 2,500 people. This is how they boost an ecosystem around Open Source Culture, based on the development of social impact’ projects in areas such as Agriculture, Education, Open Data, Blockchain and Cybersecurity, among others.

OSW is open and inclusive with any kind of profiles, regardless the industry or the technical knowledge degree. Women in tech and other industries have found that OSW provides with an open environment where to learn and grow as professionals, thanks to the organic and authentic support of all members of the community that depict freedom and respect for everybody. This is perceived as genuine and reliable when it comes to talk about diversity and inclusiveness.

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