Pymes Unidas España


Pymes Unidas España

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We are the movement that unites SMEs, Autonomous and Entrepreneurs.

#PymesUnidas was born from the experience of a young man who wanted to create his own company. The first thing that he detected before the undertaking of his company was loneliness. That loneliness that sometimes makes you think if you go ahead or better work in an alien way. But, far from giving up, he went ahead with the conviction of something that many call crazy: “Give visibility in the invisibility of the Network”

One day he was presented with the opportunity to create a movement, in which he could meet more people, who like him, were in the same situation. Not only did he meet them, but he also realized that his experience was shared by more people. He decided at that time that this movement, which confirmed his loneliness and fears, should be made known and that all could help each other, affirming that “Unity is strength”, to later confirm that together “We think, we create and we grow” .