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sOwlers is a startup in the fields of consulting and solutions in cybersecurity, and project management as a service in technology projects.

sOwlers focuses on the creation of solutions based on the automation of processes in organizations to preserve digital security with a vision of raising users awareness and democratizing access to tools.

Currently, the company is focusing on the issues generated by social engineering attacks. The human component is ranking first in causes of companies’ security breaches. It is estimated that phishing attempts have grown 65% in 2018 and with an upward trend. 76% of companies report having been victims of such an attack this same year. In sOwlers we believe that the development of our employees must be a priority that accompanies the unstoppable process of digital transformation of companies.

Owlish is the 100% user experience based anti-phishing solution and is being developed with the collaboration of key investigation groups at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a recognized Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT). This solution will be implemented in large corporations and SMEs that have shown interest in being the first users of a product that saves operating costs, reduces response times to threats and generates awareness to people in the organization.