Why attend OpenExpo?

12 reasons to attend OpenExpo

Because it is the event of reference in the world of open technologies, the largest meeting of the sector in Spain

Because you will practice Networking with the world’s leading companies open source and free software and relevant personalities of the sector

Because you will get a 360 ° view of the technological trends that will enhance the use of FOSS technologies this year

Because you will be part of the neuralgic center of open source and free software

Because you will find quality content delivered by more than 120 national and international speakers, experts in the sector who will expose their vision of how free technologies have brought them competitiveness in their day to day

Because you can inform and detect those technological solutions most suitable for your business

Because you will discover the new opportunities offered by open technologies in fields such as cloud computing, Big Data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), eLearning, security infomatics or Cybersecurity, among others

Because you can enjoy parallel recruiting and networking activities like: Open Awards 2017, Open Talent, Open Lab, Open Talks …

Because you will know what is being cooked in free software technologies and you will be able to contact the most important players

Because you can attend business cases, technological demos and other initiatives that will bring you the innovations of the open source ecosystem and free software

Because you can know how open source fosters innovation and agility in the company to boost its global transformation and its technological processes

Because it is better to live it than to be told