Reasons to Exhibit

OpenExpo Europe is the meeting point of the sector where companies expand their network of contacts, generate business and promote their services. The main suppliers of the industry will showcase their technological solutions for all types of companies.

A unique showcase with the vision of experts and key market players

OpenExpo Europe offers multiple forms of participation adapted to different types of companies, needs and budgets. It is part of the largest IT event in Europe to get leads, attract partners, recruit technical profiles, increase brand visibility and position your company as a benchmark company in the sector.


Exhibitors’ Profile

Business Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Clustering & Grid
CRM, BI & Enterprise 2.0
Communications & Networks
Data Center
I+D en TICs
IoT, AI, AR/VR, Robotics
IT Security
Commerce solutions
ECM, Input & output solutions
Digital Transformation
Network Management
Web Hosting
Business security
SOA & Web Services
Real time and Embarked
Governance & Finance

“We recommend OpenExpo because it is the meeting point in Spain and Europe for all people and companies that work or provide open source solutions”

Participating companies can obtain information from visitors to their booths and their presentations by scanning QR codes, thus facilitating networking, generating contacts to boost their business.

Comunication and Marketing Campaign

OpenExpo Europe develops an extensive marketing and communication campaign focused on professionals in the IT sector, covering from large to small and medium-sized companies.

Our marketing campaign not only aims to attract the target audience, but also to offer a multi-channel platform for your brand and services to reach a qualified audience that actively seeks information.

We work closely with industry and economic publications and with main associations, institutions and national and international entities to bring the event to all members of the IT industry.

Email Blast Campaigns to own databases, as well as media partners and associations external data bases. 100% active business professionals in TIC and Marketing departments.
Online visibility since your company’s confirmation of participation. Website and blog shows content updates and gives you visibility throughout the year.
Media plan includes professional media and national and international specialised channels. Multichannel communication campaign, Press Releases, RRSS and influencers campaigns.
Agreements are made with institutions and professional associations, national and international reference entities.
Marketing Plan: Monthly webinars, Youtube channel, Podcast Channels, Open IT Innovation Trends 2019 eBook and presentation event, interviews and blog.
OpenExpo sends newsletters and e-mail blasts throughout the campaign to our own database of +27,000 contacts.
We also send submissions to our Media Partners’ subscribers and members, reaching an external database of +420,000 users.



“It is key to support organisations dedicated to Open Source and in particular congresses such as OpenExpo Europe, because it is a great opportunity to know and understand a Technology Community that embraces open technologies, creates innovation by leaning on them and contributes by returning the favor, creating more Open Source Projects is a great opportunity to get in touch, project that vision and contribute to changing the paradigm of technological development and services.”