Career and recruitment opportunities


Companies and sponsors looking for new candidates: it can be you!

OpenExpo has always been the event for companies to attract talent within the world of free and Open Source technologies. Recruitment will be much easier this year with our online and onsite recruiting services.

Who is it for?
Anyone actively seeking a new job opportunity or considering a search in the future.

About recruitment at OpenExpo Europe 2020 
Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or the right candidate, at OpenExpo Europe 2020, we have you covered. Find information below on how to take advantage of recruiting opportunities at this year’s event.

OpenExpo Europe is an excellent opportunity to meet and recruit the best technical talents. For information on how to post links to their open job offers contact

Are you looking for a change in your career?

Follow the instructions below so you can contact with potential employers at OpenExpo Europe 2020.

When you register to OpenExpo
Add your LinkedIn and/or Github profile and we will share it with potential employers.
During OpenExpo 2020 – 4th June 2020
Visit the exhibition area and look for the booths with the “We are Hiring” sign in them
Reach out to those booths and ask for the open positions
Share your CV
To get information on how to advertise your open job positions, contact us at