Atos / Watify

06 Jun 2018
16:40 - 17:10
Sala Prestashop
Malena Donato
Innovation & business consultant
Ana María Morales
Business Consultant

Atos / Watify

ElasTest, testing application easier than ever

I will present the ElasTest H2020 project, its objectives and Atos role.
The website is:


WATIFY: Boosting technological transformation through digitisation and the uptake of advanced technologies in Europe

The WATIFY Campaign is an initiative, funded by the EC, to support the implementation of actions on digital entrepreneurship and digital transformation on various industries and enterprises, as well as the implementation of the European strategy to boost the industrial deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in Europe.

The talk will start with an opening presentation of the campaign, which will give various examples of successful digital transformation initiatives taken from the pool of success stories, to define how technology is bringing new business opportunities to companies and regions. The main focus will be on the promotion of technological transformation featuring innovative business models, good practice cases and lessons learned, to raise the interest of participants.