FWCloud.net – A cloud to manage them all

06 Jun 2018
13:30 - 14:00
Sala Prestashop
Carles Xavier Munyoz

FWCloud.net – A cloud to manage them all

In this presentation we will describe the FWCloud.net solution, a web tool that allows to manage all firewalls, from one or more companies, in a secure and centralized way: “A cloud to manage them all.”

It allows the management of heterogeneous firewalls (physical, virtual, MikroTik, EdgeRouter, etc.) based on IPTables/NFTables. Virtually any device that uses IPTables/NFTables can be managed from the FWCloud.net system.

For the creation of FWCloud.net we are using next-generation programming technologies such as Node.js for the REST API and Angular for the user frontend.

Among the attendees to the talk we will draw a cluster of firewalls that we have designed, managed from FWCloud.net.