Ana Enríquez

sysadmin & backend developer

Ana Enríquez

sysadmin & backend developer
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Ana Enríquez directs the project of Legends of STEM, a mobile game for tablets focused on girls between 8-13 years old in which you star in female references of the STEM world. The main objective is to encourage women to enroll in STEM careers and break the gender biases that currently exist with certain jobs.
Graduated in Graphic Design, during the university degree she discovered that her passion was programming and studied in parallel with online training.
She has worked as a freelance and in a startup as frontend and backend developer. She has participated for 3 years with a team at Hack4Good Madrid, getting twice the 1st prize in the education category, two scholarships with Telefónica and a second prize for the best design
She is currently studying a master’s degree in JavaScript and NodeJS in Fictizia and works as sysadmin & backend developer in Inserver, a company specializing in quality content and e-learning platforms. She is also an active collaborator in the communities of Yo Soy Tu Madre (Conciliation in the IT sector) and Open Source Weekends.

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