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I am Bernardo Cabezas, one of the technical engineers of management informatics and superior technicians of business administration here in Spain, who like many others had the “great luck” to be entrepreneurs in crisis … maybe the best that could happen to us.
Life takes many turns, and I never imagined where it was going to end, and above all, where I was going to go to where I have arrived, and best of all, not knowing where and how I will end in the future, but always Trying to improve as much as possible, but the truth is that as a differentiating and peculiar element, I stress deeply, that my biggest step was to launch myself as an entrepreneur of an information technology company (Consulting and development business solutions OPEN SOURCE), in full Of the Spanish crisis of 2008. This was no barrier to launch me, to what some called, the precipice, the worst moment, etc …, but I was convinced of the contrary, that now was the moment, it was a great opportunity !!! …
I have to clarify that, in fact, the precipice if it existed, it was only a matter of skirting it, so as not to fall into it. That is to say, it has not been easy to maintain the type and during all this time there have been more failures than success, but if you think about it, that is what makes us strong, and allows us to reinvent or adapt from our own experience. From a comfortable perspective, where everything is going well, will not allow us to take our spirit of survival, and therefore, remove the chestnuts from the fire
The best of all, is that in any of the jobs, places and places where I have had the opportunity to work, I have always learned a lot, and above all, known very interesting people, and this is the most important thing. Which I also recommend:
Wherever you are sharing your place of work, learn the best and make good friends / companions, you never know …

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