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Ernesto Vicente García Ramis

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I am Ernesto Vicente García Ramis and with this biography I want to demonstrate the degree of strategic vision and professional maturity that I have acquired through more than 25 years of experience in the management of executives and in the substantial improvement of the results of the management and development of the Human capital in all those companies and organizations in which it has worked.

I am currently President of the Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Association, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship through first-person experience and complemented by specialized training in the world’s most important ecosystems.

Previously, I have served as Director of the School of Business and Media at Bircham International University.

In my professional career, he has created more than five companies, of which two, today continue to grow, having solved the vicissitudes of the global crisis, and I have been a Director in both Multinational Enterprises and SMEs.
The other three can be considered as failed actions that allowed me to learn and continue my path as an entrepreneur.

I have done Project Management of Outdoor Training and I have specialized in the LARP methodology as an educational resource, acquiring the Master level.

I have done consulting work at the Illustrious Association of Publicity and Public Relations of the Valencian Community, helping to create training projects to promote the development of professional skills in this important sector.

I have been a teacher of intermediate and higher level for more than 10 years, obtaining several prizes in the participation of my teams of students in scientific fairs of local and national scope.

At present, I am working on various projects of different companies. My biggest asset is that I have led top management teams to achieve their multiple goals.

Speaker at the World Elearning Virtual Congress, and in the Innovation and Creativity and Entrepreneurship Association.

In addition to being: Member of the Worldwide Branding Association (USA), Mienmbro of the National Association of Mentors and Coaches (AMSES), Member of the Network of Mentors in Global Mentor and Member in the World Congress of Elearning.
He has specialized in the Management and Development of Human Capital, Gamification, 3D Modeling and in the Development and Management of Projects applying the model of the P.M.I.

Among my studies I can mention some of them, among which are: Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania), Organizational Analysis (Stanford University), Professional Master in Employability and Human Resources (Divulgação Dinámica, SL), among others