Francis Brosnan Blázquez

CTO in ASPLHosting, ASPL

Francis Brosnan Blázquez

CTO in ASPLHosting, ASPL
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CTO in ASPLhosting and ASPL

Member of the managment team for maintenance and support in datacenter infrastructure, as well as software development fo ASPL products / services.
Computer science engineer by UPM university, specialized in administration and security in Linux OS and in software development. Author or co-author of some opensource products like Vortex Library, Axl Library, Turbulence, ext-Dns, MyQttHub, noPoll, Valvula, jsVortex…

Project leader of Core-Admin, a centralized and highly connected solution that provides instant access to all your servers with a single crendential over a secure connection.

Project leader of MyQTTHub, an open and scalable Cloud MQTT platform with professional support.

Broad experience in most of the server software for Linux (samba, firewalls, asterisk, apache, mysql, postgreSQL, Cassandra..) and in datacenter management services like connection load balancing, structure duplication, supervision and IP security (NIDS, HIDS), clusters, high availability, virtualization.

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