Francisco Carrero


Francisco Carrero

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With a background as Computer Science Engineer, I consider myself a proactive and multidisciplinary professional with almost 20 years of experience in the management of Information Technology, Innovation, Education and E-commerce. I have also developed skills in Business Strategy, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management and Talent Management.

Currently I’m a co-founder of BrainSINS and I host the podcast Pensamiento.Digital, where we speak about Aritificial Intelligence with a strong orientation to its application on businesses. And during my professional career I’ve been also an entrepreneur on NotiXpress and Wipley, two startups with a strong focus on Internet, Innovation, Information Technology and Content Personalization and have also worked as a Technology Consultant in companies such as Telefonica I+D and Obralia.

Besides, since I’m passionate about teaching, I have worked as a University Professor/Researcher in Universidad Europea, where I participated and managed more than 10 R&D Projects and published more than 20 papers in International Journals and Congresses, all of them focused on Machine Learning, Text Mining and Content Personalization.

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17:45 - 18:30
Auditorio IBM