José Carlos Baquero

Division Director

José Carlos Baquero

Division Director
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I’m a Software Engineering Executive with over twenty years of experience in the ITC sector. I lead Big Data & Analytics initiatives for GMV in areas such as Fraud Prevention, Threat Detection, Smart Farming, Industrial Process Optimization, etc.

Due to years of experience of designing high performance solutions, I have acquired a high level of expertise in hardware platforms, security and open source solutions.

I’m recognized for my ability to identify continuous improvement actions to reduce costs, enhance quality, and increase margins.

I’m an expert in information systems technology, project planning, strategic planning, systems analysis and troubleshooting, quality control, forecasting, scheduling and planning, and tracking of results.

I have extensive knowledge of different software development processes and systems architecture.

I have strong communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills.

I specialice in Software Engineering, Agile Methodologies, Object Programing, Data Analysis and Big Data

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