Pedro J. Estébanez

Core Developer

Pedro J. Estébanez

Core Developer
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Pedro J. Estébanez, resident in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos, Spain), has been dedicated across the years to different branches of computing, all of them around software development.

For some years now he has oriented his career towards some disciplines that formerly were hobbies of him: 3D, multimedia and game development.

He has published on Google Play a guitar simulator called ‘Robotic Guitarist’, which achieved a degree of success at the time.

Currently he develops web-based 3D visualization projects and contributes to the free, open-source Godot game engine, as a generalist. This project’s next Patreon goal is for hiring him so he can keep doing it full time.

He combines this activities with the creation of his own videogame, ‘Hellrule’, a platformer for mobile, which is expected to see the light of day sometime during current year.

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