Tina Allton

Founder and President - Nations of Women

Tina Allton

Founder and President - Nations of Women
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Tina Allton is the Head of International Expansion & the CFO at (EBW2020) “Empowering a Billion women by 2020”, a global company that connects women entrepreneurs to funding resources by providing an education system, a range of digital technology tools , leadership skills, a financial plan and access to a community of like minded thinkers who help you accelerate your business growth for a bigger impact.

Tina is a qualified Educational psychologist with over 20 years experience in business , an award winning entrepreneur, mentor, international speaker and world leading influencer and change maker renowned for teaching leadership skills, business growth and global branding, especially to women owned businesses across the globe.
The Co-Director of Circle Podiatry – UK’s #1 private Podiatry brand awarded as the best SME business for customer experience in the whole of London.
The Co- Founder of Undefeeted.Org, also an award winning global not-for-profit organisation which provided education, raising awareness and strategies to countries to deal with the prevention of avoidable diabetes-related lower limb amputations currently happening once every 20 seconds of which 85% can be avoided.
The global director for Usense, which seeks to solve technological problems across several industries such as education, health, media , retail, business and finance etc , they provide digital products including mobile applications helping entrepreneurs to gain a bigger reach of their customers.
Tina works with businesses to attain faster business growth increasing your bottom line in 90 days or less. Tina is leading a global humanitarian project HUM in India to support disadvantaged women. She is revered to as an entrepreneur of excellence. Her work has seen her take many stages in USA, Bahamas, Europe, India , Africa and many more.
She currently is the High Commissioner to Ghana with the WBAFORUM.ORG

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