Bernardo Japón

IoT and Robotics Industrial Expert

Bernardo Japón

IoT and Robotics Industrial Expert
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IoT and Robotics Expert at The Robot Academy. Bernardo is an Industrial Engineer with more 20 years of experience, having passed through the most diverse technological projects since 1995: Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Gran Telescopio Canarias and Altran Technologies.
Taking advantage of Open Source tools he has developed innovative solutions such as:
• Industrial Internet of Things training (IIoT All-in-One) for assisting the digital transformation of companies into smart factories.
• Robotics for the application in Industry (Cobots), Health (Social Robot IO, for the stimulation of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders) and Education (mBot Arduino Evolution and JUS Robot).
With a strong technical background as well as management skills, nowadays he is putting special focus in Industry 4.0:
• Embedded Systems: hardware and software
• Cloud IoT platforms (NodeRED, Amazon IoT,
• Data analytics, also using Machine Learning techniques

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