Python, The Swiss Army Knife Of Coding

Probably, Python is one of the most used open source programming languages in all the areas of technology around the world. Python is versatile and easy to learn. For that reason, and in recent years, it has reached the top of the lists.

If some months ago I talked about the Open Source as driving force of the digital transformation, it is very likely that part of this digital transformation is coded in Python. We can find codes which have been written in this language in diverse areas such as AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, Web Development, Machine Learning, IoT, and there are also lines of Python code in other areas that I am not mentioning.

Thanks to the Open Source collaboration, Python has a wide range of libraries which can be found in the Python Package Index web. In this website, it is explained how to install them, what they do and the url of the project.

There are libraries for all the previously mentioned areas, for example:

  • For web development, we have Django and Flask frameworks.
  • For Natural Language Processing, NLTK.
  • For Data Analysis, Pandas.

And, this way, I could keep naming specific libraries for each topic. I am sure that if you search in Google, you will find a library which perfectly adapts to your project.


How to learn Python

Python is an interpreted programming language. It is very easy to read and very easy to use. It also has a fast learning curve and it is designed to be intuitive. Being one of the most used languages in multiple areas, it is also one of the most demanded languages in job offers. Therefore, if you don’t know which programming language to study, you will get the right choice with Python.

For those who are interested in learning this language, I include a link to some free courses in Udemy and, of course, you will find all the documentation and information to download it and install it in the official Python website.

It is not only good and easy for us, but also, and thanks to our help, big supercomputers and the AI could write its own code and that is a bit scary:

Artificial Intelligence can autocomplete codes in Python.

This is only a headline and some lines of code… but it is just a beginning.

Perhaps, Python is the programming language which may put us out of work and teach programming to the machines in an uncertain, exciting technological future.

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Translation by Santiago Moreira Martínez 

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