Dedicated servers and cheap VPS to start our projects

There are interesting alternatives to large Cloud companies that do not require a large financial outlay to have servers, databases and infrastructure to start a web project.

When we talk about the Cloud, we all think of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, although there are other companies that offer the same services, such as Alibaba Cloud or IBM Cloud.

With these cheaper providers for a few euros per month we can have an interesting system where we can develop and host our projects. If we wanted to have two servers to have a Web service and a database, it could cost between 20/50 euros per month. It all depends on the requirements of our developments and the dimensioning that we need from our machines.

The installation of these systems is quite simple and it is normal that when contracting the service we are asked for the operating system to install and when it is installed they will send us an email with the connection data to the server. They give us the server installed with the operating system, the rest of the web server applications, database server, etc. We have to configure it ourselves from the terminal, so knowledge of systems is needed.

3 Alternatives of dedicated servers and low cost VPS

I have tried the three providers that I am going to comment on and they have seemed quite interesting to me to be able to use them on a day-to-day basis as “low cost” substitutes for the great Cloud providers. I have tried all of them with linux systems, but in some cases Windows Server can be installed for those who are interested.


It belongs to OVHcloud and they are like a “white label” on servers, they have two very interesting options:

They are not the latest in technology, both CPU, disk, and memory are somewhat old but they work quite well, I can attest to this because I currently have a couple for my personal developments.

It has locations in France and Canada. They do not have much stock of servers and they tend to run out quickly.

On smaller models only Linux can be installed.

They have a small control panel from where you have a little information about the server, you can reinstall it and contact technical support

This option already virtualizes the servers and has different configurations and prices. Lets you choose the operating system when hiring it.

Hetzner Cloud

It is a German hosting company that has various services such as dedicated servers, web hosting, cloud, data storage, etc:

The cloud option has fairly tight prices and various combinations of cpu/memory/disk.

It has a control panel from where you can manage the server, turn it off, turn it on, add disks, manage backups and Snapshots, firewall, create private networks between servers, balancers. Interesting things can be done all with a web interface.

They have two locations in Germany and one in Finland.


Similar to Hetzner, a German company with interesting options in VPS servers, perhaps with better price/performance than the previous one, but it has a more limited control panel.

They are an interesting alternative to try and evaluate and to be able to distribute our services between different hosting providers that are not excessively expensive.

Personally, the ones I like the most and they have given me good results are the Kimsufi.

And now all that remains is to try and enjoy!!

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