The 12 best IoT gadgets you must know

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart-everything… Smart, smart, smart, nowadays you can find smart things everywhere, but what does that mean?
Let me introduce you to a new trend in technology, welcome to the marvellous world of the Internet of Things (IoT).
A little over ten years ago, we started to be always connected. Smartphones irrupt into our lives and, suddenly we all have these things in our pockets, but it was not enough, we wanted to control everything, and this connected wireless world allows us to do it.
Basically, the Internet of Things refers to the network of objects, things or devices that use the Internet which allow them to interact and share data.
Yes, amazingly we live in a wireless world and we can do anything. So, you should ask yourself what can I do with this? Okay, the power of IoT is unimaginable, so here are the 12 best internet of things gadgets you must know (according to us!)…
1. Amazon’s Echo
We start with one of the best known, Alexa will be your virtual assistant with voice commands you can ask for things like call someone, search information on the Internet, what’s the weather, and even buy online.
2. Google Home
Google’s alternative to Amazon’s echo, another of the most famous IoT gadgets, it can be used like the smart thing of Amazon. You just have to say “Okay, Google” and your assistant will be ready to help you.
3. Zeeq smart pillow
Let’s go to the bed, even a pillow can be smart nowadays, it plays music to you before you go to sleep, if you snore, it vibrates a little, so you change your position without waking up, evaluates the quality of sleep and can even be used as an alarm clock.
4. Moen u smart shower
You will not freeze again with ice water or roast with boiling water, this shower allows you to set the desired temperature through an app and you can even specify the duration of the bath.
5. Ecobee4 thermostat
Even the temperature can be controlled, choose the temperature of your entire house, with multiple sensors you will always maintain the desired temperature.
6. Rachio smart sprinkler
How much water to spend, when to spray, your garden will be very well taken care of with a smart sprinkler, like all of them, you manage it from your smartphone.
7. Wink handlebar
You are a bike lover, you go for a ride and you get lost. This device shows you through lights in your handlebar how to get back home by connecting with your smartphone’s GPS.
8. Smart bike locks
You will not need to carry more keys, the lock of your bike is activated and deactivated from your smartphone.
9. August Smart Lock
Fewer keys to carry, you can open or secure the door of your house from your phone.
10. Smart lights
Improve the ambience of your home, choose the color and intensity of the lights, turn on or off the lights of each room. Do you see it? Control is the center of the IoT.
11. Security cameras
What greater control than a security camera that you can watch and manage from your cell phone? You can see what happens in your home or office from anywhere in the world.
12. Ring 2
Someone knocks on the door and you do not know who it is? This doorbell has a camera, microphone and speaker, so you can see on your phone who is at the door and talk to them.
As you can see there is an unlimited variety of devices that connect and make your life easier, ten years ago you could not even imagine that you could do these things, and the best part, every day many more gadgets are created. This makes the IoT an amazing technology.
Which one’s your favourite?

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