A border less financial world that we may not be able to imagine today – Luiis Franceschi LAPO Blockchain CEO


Thanks to its Open Source nature, the consolidation of Blockchain’s technology will allow to break down barriers and reduce operational complexity to provide a decentralized ecosystem of exchange of value that everyone can access as equals.

Being a technology that is fuelled by the contributions of the community, more and more applications are being created in the financial sector that are opening a world of possibilities to millions of men and women. Anyone with an Internet connection can access the decentralized services that have been developed in the Blockchain and this brings a level of financial inclusion never seen before.

Today we have new models such as credits and remittances wi thout intermediaries (P2P), thanks to smart contracts that arbitrate between the parties involved. You can send and receive digital money (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) from any where in the world to any other destination, faster, cheaper (little or no commission) and safer than traditional banking.

We are developing new tools to make cryptocurrencies easy to use and accessible to everyone everywhere (from online and offline payment systems to debitand credit cards). The Blockchain technology is still in a maturation stage, new applications in the sector will be released, thanks to the contributions that are made from all over the world and, will provide end less opportunities that we may not be able to imagine today.


Luiis Franceschi –  LAPO Blockchain CEO

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