The 5 fundamental “IN” of business survival and growth

The 5 fundamental “IN” of business survival and growth

The world keeps moving through an extremely convulsive situation under the present (and future) effects of COVID-19.

Spain has not been oblivious to it (nothing could be further from reality). The last figures published in different media, public and private, do not call for hope when looking at the progress of infections and the direct and indirect losses at economic level and the loss of productivity. Then, what can (or must) do the organizations and enterprises to face the rest year with optimism and the next 2021 with certain guarantees of stability.

The question is not really important, what is important is the answer. It is necessary to start by saying that there are no magic receipts. Those who affirm that, they outright lie. Even so, from many economic, financial and social sectors, and trustworthy organizations and statements, it is considered proven that the basis of a new model will be created from resistance and resilience. That model will be more or less applicable to small and medium size enterprises, and will answer in a feasible, practical and realistic way to the wrongs, the problems and the uncertainties that threaten us.

I am not very prone to imparting lessons about anything, I am not the right person, but my practice and my experience of more than 30 years, makes me recommend, like a kind of homemade receipt, that some attributes can be the signs of identity of a new post-covid enterprise. So… here we go!

The 5 fundamental “In” of business survival and growth

The first “In” corresponds to INTELLIGENCE (1). It is not about being more intelligent than other enterprises, it is just simply using the multiple intelligences in the organizations in such a way that they become a solid base for stimulus, mostly the one derived from business, emotions and day-by-day management.

Not less important would be the second “In”, the one which lies on the improvement of the capabilities of people and organizations: the INFORMATION (2). Do we really put all the necessary effort to improve the internal situation and the situation of those around us? Probably, there is a long way to turn all the information and data into a winning strategy.

On the other hand, even if it is not easy, we should try to be INDEFATIGABLE (3) (or tireless) to the discouragement, which sadly, we are all undergoing in one way or another. Maybe, between all these terms, this is the one that needs a bigger effort and, above all, a more positive vision which can be applied to our personal, professional or corporate situation. But, we will do our best…

The INNOVATION (4) could not go unnoticed, because it is essential. Much has been said about it, and thousands and thousands of articles could be written with more or less success. It is not my intention to talk broadly about innovation, but just to raise a simple question: when was the last time we did anything innovative in our organization, personally or professionally?

And finally, perhaps the most important one for me, without undermining any of the previous ones, it is INTRAENTREPRENEURSHIP (5). I am not saying it from my facet of CEO and CoFounder of a startup which has been designed and focused on inner-entrepreneurs, it is more from my honest opinion and conviction. Intrapreneurship in business has already become, in its own right, in an imperative need, in a natural evolution of creativity, innovation, intelligence and intensity of the experience and skills of the professionals within their businesses. However, by the moment, we have not given enough credit and the role that it really deserves.

What must be eliminated

It is also true, that all the previous terms could be combined with the mitigation or partial elimination of other “Ins” such as “incompetence”, “inadaptation”, “ineffectiveness”, “inactivity or inaction” or even worst the “incapacity” of facing risks that many organizations keep showing seven months after the outbreak of COVID-19 in Spain, and in other parts of the world. Not only of facing risks but also of facing the opportunities in a situation which seems to be prolonged longer than it is desired.

In the end, many of us come back to the reality of our business, enterprises and activities, after some well deserved holidays (if that has been possible for any of us) but with the same uncertainties, fears and doubts which just some a few months ago threaten us.

The answer is within ourselves: how far can I grow?, how much can I improve?, where are my limits? And how can I strike back neutralise the direct and indirect effects of this situation? Search for your limitations, establish your goals and you will find the answer inside you.

Translation by Santiago Moreira 


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