Government projects influencing Big Data and IoT in 2019?

Who would have thought that sci-fi movies could actually have some sort of reality in their plot, and that even people that have nothing to do with being a rocket scientist could have access to innovative tech projects!

Apparently some of innovations and projects in aerospace and defense will enter the commercial market as products. This means new capabilities for Big Data and IoT. 

According to Dr. Mike Barrett, manager of the Power and Propulsion Element effort at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, NASA built most of the spacial technology, but now they rather leave their commercial partners to continue innovating and leveraging new technologies into commercial applications for other markets.

Mary Shacklett, president of Transworld Data, a technology research and market development firm, shared on Tech Republic; six examples of new technology expected to come out of NASA and the Department of Defense (DoD) in 2019:

1. Real-time data cleaning

2. Hardened sensors

3. Machine learning and AI

4. Symbiotic man-machine work processes

5. Solar power

6. Legacy systems

The IT industry is looking for commercial enterprises to use their bases to develop from there and use it in domestic products we could use in a daily basis!

Read more about each example above, in the full article by Mary Shacklett for Tech Republic(R) magazine (all rights reserved), here:

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