The RSA Conference, one of the largest events on IT security, took place in San Francisco between March 4 and 8, 2019 and attracted, approximately 50,000 attendees. The event allowed its over 600 exhibitors to promote new products within the different areas that are presented at the conference, being one of the most relevant: cybersecurity.

Several key novelty products were launched following the trends in cybersecurity for this year 2019.

Are you interested in knowing what are they? We prepared this post to show you the top 10 we found the most interesting…

  1. IBM X – Force Red Blockchain Testing Service.

It is a test service proposed by the well-known IBM company, which allows tasks from evaluating the entire implementation process (including the chain code, public key infrastructure and hypertrades) to allowing to test the back-end processes, the applications and hardware that in use to have control over the access and management of Blockchain networks.

Among other important points, X – Force Red can test the establishment of secure keys linked to the Blockchain network, implementing trusted spaces. Also, you can control how permissions are managed to access and add information to the network.

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  1.  CylancePERSONA.

It is a project of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows users to identify malicious and anomalous behaviors with their sensors. This way, the tool monitors the activity of the user in question and according to “trusted” parameters can detect whether it is an imposter or not.

The product provides real-time monitoring and interruption of the activities of the suspect user to improve the security of who executes it.

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  1. ServiceNow – Now Platform.

The American computer company ServiceNow exhibited a novel project called Now Platform. This makes it possible for organizations to act more effectively towards business security incidents and vulnerabilities, due to the combination of an improved exploits tool and the continuous monitoring of possible risks.

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  1. DNSDB Community Edition of Farsight.

This platform offers both security professionals and “threat hunters” completely free access to the world’s largest database of DNS (Domain Name System) intelligence, with more than 100 billion records.

The service allows you to consult any malicious structure in your systems with only one domain or IP address that is considered suspicious.

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  1. Fortanix Enclave Development Platform.

Through this platform, developers can generate applications securely using the Rust programming language. The combination of this language with Intel ® SGX allows them to be secure against external attacks.

Being an open source software development kit, it allows developers to create and distribute these secure applications that they are establishing.

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  1. Spirent CyberFloode Data Breach Asessment.

The telecommunications company Spirent presented at the event the CyberFloode Data Breach Asessment system, which provides users with an exact, complete, continuous and automated analysis, through the use of emulated attacks. The goal is to be able to identify and counteract the attackers before they do so.

In short, the entities that use this application can know and evaluate the ability they have to stop these data breaches, as well as other cyber attacks.

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  1. Microsoft Intune – Sophos Mobile Security.

Sophos Mobile Security is an application that protects those Android devices without affecting their performance or battery life. The service allows the mobile to be protected against malicious programs or external agents, which could cause damage such as theft and loss of data.

In this way, if the device is lost or stolen, blocking or remote deletion protects personal and business information.

In this context, Microsoft Intune customers running version 9.0 of the service will now be able to access the benefits it provides from any device or location. In this way, in the business environment, employees of an entity can be productive, working from the device they prefer, while ensuring compliance with the company’s data.

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  1. Armor Platform.

Armor enables the authentication of users without the need of a name, a password or any other type of personal information. It is a connection between portable GPS, biometric hardware and a cryptographic “Assurance Domain” with a blockchain enabled.

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  1. FireEye Secure Email Gateway.

This FireEye company system detects and blocks all types of unwanted email, especially those that are advanced targeted attacks.

The platform allows improving the productivity of cybersecurity experts in companies, as it allows them to manage and customize responses according to the importance of alerts. In the words of the company, this system “can detect threats that other solutions do not detect”.

It has two versions, the cloud edition “Cloud Edition”, for which there is no need to install anything, and the “Server Edition” server edition, which protects against more advanced attacks.

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  1. Ericom Shield.

The latest version of Ericom Shield uses sophisticated algorithms, URL filtering systems and intelligent business logic, in order to eradicate phishing and other attacks, before they can affect the user and / or the company.

In this way, users and security administrators get warnings from the system before they continue through the suspicious website, being able to use alternatives such as “read-only mode”, not entering information on the web page in question.

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If you are interested in Cybersecurity and are based in Madrid or planning a trip here on June 20th, come by to the European Cybersecurity Forum at OpenExpo Europe.

This forum is part of the co-located events taking place on the day, which addresses cybersecurity issues. Its scope covers success-cases, challenges and advantages, presented and discussed by different professionals in the sector.

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