Open Sharing & a Makers Culture still matters

Makers, unfear to share and co-creation have been the secret sauce to navigate the crisis – and are still critical for economic recovery, resilience and reimagination.

COVID-19 confronted Government, businesses and individuals worldwide with a daunting need for immediate innovation. Dramatic loses of revenue alongside with dislocations to operations and supply chains have been some of the most common challenges faced in the last months and still ongoing. Some businesses are coping with unexpected spikes in demand, and liquidity and solvency at risk. During the peak of the sanitary crisis, Makers that created material for first line workers, including sanitary staff and hospitals, faced scarcity of material, which can also be expected in the medium term. Lasting shifts in customer markets, regulatory environments and workforce deployments will be the trend in upcoming months. Leaders and managers will need to resolve and find new ways to increase resilience and navigate an economically and socially viable path toward a “next normal”.

Some lessons we can learn from previous crisis tell us that transformational shift in organizational culture, data analytics, and reimagination make winners race ahead; and there is little risk that they recede once they are incorporated as a priority.

Unintentionally, the Makers Community and their commitment to help with their creativity and pragmatic application of new technologies and tools demonstrated to be an essential part of the solution to mitigate the pandemic and slowdown the curve.

The opportunity behind is huge: 4 billion people connected, 50 Trillion GB Data, $4Trillion in Business Opportunities, 25+ Million Apps. And 25+ Billion of Integrated and intelligent systems.


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