The Virtual Experience of the professionals of the future

As we talked about in our podcast “Beyond Innovation” in the chapter on Moonshot – a term that means betting on an idea that is conceived as impossible – there are no limits to the capacity for human invention.

The history of humanity is full of “visionaries” like our 2,500 attendees who attended at OpenExpo Virtual Experience between June 17 and 21, 2020 to spread knowledge about the “technology of the future”.

Warming up! 

Chema Alonso, Cloud Computing, Cibersecurty and Digital Transformation

The inauguration was a success with the interview with the great Chema Alonso. Philippe Lardy and Paco Estrada talked to him about hacking, innovation, his future projects … and congratulated him on his birthday! There couldn’t have been a better start!

Chema has been with us since the first edition of OpenExpo and this year, virtual or physical, he was not going to miss it.

Other presentations that stood out were the one of Irene Soria Guzmán, Representative of Creative Commons in Mexico, the Cloud round table formed by great professionals or the cybersecurity track with Fernando Acero Martín and Jorge Oteo.


Interview with Chema Alonso, Philippe Lardy and Paco Estrada



Presentation by Irene Soria Guzmán

Jim Jagielski, Artificial Intelligence and a lot of Open Source

The second day we started with an interview with Jim Jagielski, co-founder of The Apache Software Foundation and Technical Staff Manager (OSPO) at Uber and continued with great professionals such as David Carabantes, Francisco Javier Moreno and Adlair Cerecedo on an Artificial Intelligence track. Also, the room on Open Source could not be missing! An example, the novelties of MySQL 8 that Frédéric Descamps discussed in his presentation.


Presentation by David Carabantes








Presentation by Frédéric Descamps

Yaiza Rubio, DeFi and a “face to face” between Jon Maddog and Marc Chantreux

Without a doubt, the third day was full of surprises. The day began with a spectacular interview with Yaiza Rubio with Juan Carlos Ramiro and Paco Estrada as interviewers. The Telefónica professional could not miss.

June 19 continued with the interventions of great professionals such as Miguel Pérez Colino from Red Hat and the magnificent and particular presentation by Alberto Gómez Toribio, who did not miss any details.

The best part: the debate between Jon Hall (Maddog) and Marc Chantreux. What a moment!


Presentation by Alberto G.Toribio

Entrepreneurial Women, Growth and Blockchain with Alastria

On the last day – and no less important – we had ten talks: we have a 3-hour Blockchain room with Alastria Blockchain, several round tables such as Innovation, organized by the non-profit organization Coronavirus Makers, that of feminine Entrepreneurship with W Startup Communty and that of Growh with José Carlos Cortizo, Vicent Martí and Pavel Mazuelas, considered by some to be one of the best in the entire event.

Thanks to everyone for making it possible!

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