What you missed in the Commit Conf 2019

The event par excellence for technicians, developers and architects was organized again normally, being even larger and more varied than the previous year. This is the Commit Conf 2019.

As every year, the Commit Conf was held with the collaboration of the technological communities at the San Pablo CEU University, Montepríncipe. It is an event, where all the talks, workshops and unconference are made by people who have registered with the C4P, and these have been valued and scored by technicians and communities. This guarantees us a minimum of quality and diversity in the presentations.

Upon entering, with our accreditation, they will provide us with a bag with the typical advertising pamphlets of the sponsors and some gifts, headphones, a commemorative cup of the event (great detail, that we did not have in previous years) and a t-shirt of the event. We continue to miss the inclusion of some general dynamic, which encourages us to go through all the stands to receive a gift and that facilitates us, discover everything that the event can offer us. We could see this in the PAM (PeopleAware Agile Managment) a few years ago.

This year, we had 9 tracks with talks, 2 tracks with workshops and a novelty, with 1 track for unconference, with different themes. This number of rooms, including two full days, 45 minutes of the talks, allowed us to find a variety of themes and with different levels.

The advisable thing for this type of events is:

  • Get organized before what talks, workshops and unconference are you going to want to attend. On the Commit Conf website they let you sign up for the talks. That way you could foresee if they were going to be very full, to go with time
  • Leave yourself a loose slot, to rest, network and walk through the stands of sponsors and collaborators
  • Choose a talk about a theme that makes you improve on what you already know, some of something you don’t know and some transversal, to get to know your sector a little better and how to improve as a professional

 The event, we could find it organized in 5 floors of the University:


The event, we could find it organized in 5 floors of the University:

  • 2nd Floor: Unconference
  • 2nd, 1st, Floor, -1: Tracks, Sponsors
  • -2: Networking and relaxation area, Sponsors
  • Gym: Lunch and farewell dinner pick-up área

Given the large number of rooms and plants, we had lines that were marking the way to reach the corresponding tracks. This made our search much easier, since only with the use of maps, it was impossible to reach these tracks.


As for the sponsors and stands that we could find, we could summarize them in:


Apart from the official list, we could also find those of Google with the GDG, possibly promoting the Women Tech Makers of Madrid, which now has the C4P open for all those women who want to participate. Although, as indicated in their description, all men are invited to promote and attend this event at the Google for Startups Campus.

In the stands, we could find many companies looking to promote their brand, but above all, in search of talent to incorporate into their staff. For this we could find ourselves from the typical raffles by signing up for their survey, mini contests through Kahoot and even recreational to the delight of the attendees. If we had to highlight a stand this year, it would be that of Softek, which despite being in the Gold category, with its ambience in the Stranger Things series, managed to break with the standard aesthetic of the rest of the stands.


As for the attendees, we could meet technical professionals from Madrid and other locations in Spain. More and more companies send their workers to this event in Madrid, with the cost involved. This makes us assume that this event is standing out among the others, as a reference for technical professionals.

At lunchtime, we found the controversial food box with different options, where we could choose between different sandwiches, and / or salad and a dessert (donut or fruit).

One of the few problems we could find were the connection problems with the event’s wifi. In addition, this was aggravated in the technical workshops, where a connection was essential to perform the tasks.

As for the reference, for those who were speakers (as was my case with an unconference), they had a separate room to rest and prepare the talks, in addition to a specific Wi-Fi network to avoid connection problems (we had the same problems as attendees). The day before, we were having dinner with the sponsors and the organization, in theory, to be able to network. We talk about in theory, because in the absence of a dynamic event, in the end we end up talking only, or almost, with the people we already knew. It would be very interesting for future events, as is done in the Tech events of Amsterdan, some integrating dynamic. With all this, I advise living at least once, the experience of being a speaker and facing / enjoying all that entails.

In short, I think it is the generic technological event reference in Madrid, where we can learn and improve in different technologies and network with very diverse people. If you have not yet attended, it is next year, you will surely have the opportunity again.



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