An International Technical event for women only organized by NG-Girls

An International Angular event in Madrid (NGSpain) was organized in October, and also a workshop organized by NG – Girls, to train women in Angular.

More and more technological events are organized in Spain, but there are still few that are carried out only in English. Possibly with the aim of attracting more international speakers and a more heterogeneous audience, these types of events are proliferating. Unfortunately, in addition to being such events coming to Madrid and other provinces, so are their high prices for tickets and workshops. This causes, that most people give up when attending, unless their company pays them the entrance fee.

As an Angular workshop that was organized by NgGirls, where I could be a half-day mentor, it was totally free. In it, quite a few women of different ages and of different technological profiles, were able to deepen and learn the Angular bases for Web projects. This is a collective that is defined as “ngGirls aims to introduce women to the world of technology and increase the diversity. Angular is a great technology to start with. We believe this is a win-win situation! ” In this case, as we can see from the description and the NG, this group would mention only the Angular plot, although there are different groups for different technologies. During the event, the participants could enjoy a @ mentor for every 2 or three attendees, which facilitated them to deepen the angular issues that interested them most.

It is interesting that in technological environments, strategies are provided, so that certain groups feel comfortable and with progressive integration. In this way, at one time, we may have more heterogeneous technical teams with a greater diversity of ideas and ways of addressing technological challenges.



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