Digital is changing our world -Digital will be faster, stronger and cheaper – Ulrich Ahle, Fiware Foundation CEO


The future is based on shared intelligence, where by the city platform be haves as a facilitator of advanced governance systems. It here by also be comes the center of an innovative ecosystem in which companies can materialize their ideas into applications and services, reach the market and do business much faster. Therefore the Joint Collaboration Program we started mid of November together with TMForum to define common data models together with several front-runner cities will create a momentum in 2019. 

These standards will be key to breaking information silos, integrating all vertical systems with in the city into a horizontal platform for integrated city management. Making a city truly “smart” means turning your city into a platform of growth for innovation, economic development, and well-being. By adopting common standards and information models, cities can achieve this transformation with minimum impact, merging forces to build an ecosystem where they can connect and collaborate.

FIWARE, as a platform promoted by the European Union, for the global development of Internet applications of the future, helps cities to avoid vendor lock-in and protect their investment. It provides access to context information describing what is going on in the city in right-time and on a large scale. These platforms integrate components that enable cities to process, analyze and publish historical and current information in order to achieve a better management of municipal services.

The use of these technologies helps companies to develop and test SmartCity applications in one city, that can then be easily adapted to other cities, getting more opportunities and lower costs.


Ulrich Ahle Fiware Foundation CEO


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