Businesses looking for creative, and confident individuals, who can demonstrate “soft skills” – Dr Tina Allton


Educational trends for 2019 are set to include gamification to teach “softskills”. The ability to provide an education without any geographical limitations thanks to Machine Learning and AI, results in education as a scalable product, reducing human errors, and giving students an unlimited experience. With so much knowledge available, more people will be come unschooled, ultimately these individuals will possess much higher capabilities when it comes to critical thinking skills, creativity and digital skills.

The influence of technology on education changes the way we teach and learn. Long gone are the days when employ ability depended on academic excellence, and gaming in the educational sphere was boring and minimal. Businesses are moving away from the traditional skills, and moving towards hunting for creative individuals who can demonstrate “softskills”such as team work and leader ship. This individuals are not created through traditional educational systems. We have to aim to develop a personalized education – with tools such as video games -through which new cognitive structures can improves of skills as creativity, team work, and the ability to think “outsidethebox”. Better and more successful educational platforms that establish the bases for learning experiences with gamification for students.  

Assessments routes: With education becoming more and more widely accessible globally, the demand on learners and teachers, and a work load that increases proportionally, the use of machine learning and AI data and metrics in education means assessments can be submitted effortlessly, and teachers can grade more efficiently and accurately.

Dr. Tina Allton – Head of International Expansion and CFO Empowering a Billion Women by 2020

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