Put an “Elon Musk” into your company

Elon Reeve Musk, when he was a child, was already outstanding due to his restlessness and creativity, in the distant, for many, South Africa. And many times, as he has mentioned, the importance of reading: “I was raised by books. Books and then my parents”.

However, Elon had a hard time in his adolescence. He had practically no friends at the school, and he was often bullied by his classmates.

Aiming self-discovery, but also beginning a new course of actions and motivated by a complicated personal situation, he moved to Canada with part of his family. Life was not easy at all, and both he and his siblings had to get scholarships, ask for loans and work for studying at university. It was 1992.

My intention is not to tell his life story. No one better than him to do it, but I would like to highlight his agile and entrepreneurial spirit, his practical, motivational and super-creative perspective which he has applied in numerous sectors and by leading enterprises which worth billions overnight: PayPal, SpaceX, Hyperloop, SolarCity, Neuralink or OpenAI, only mentioning the most relevant, and there are even more.

What is really important is his way of seeing life: anything is possible, if you want it. A groundbreaking, of course, but mostly he is a changing agent who imagines, and with hard work and resources, his ideas become true.

“The talent is expensive, but is more expensive not having it”

And that is the scope of this article. Not only Elon Musk, as there are many like him around the world (maybe not so willing to risk), has been the only one finding solutions for advanced technological challenges, but, undoubtedly, he is the reference.

The enterprises are currently immersed in changes and essential transformations. Most of those enterprises, as a consequence of the current pandemic, present a large deficit of talent, motivation and creativity. Putting an “Elon Musk” in an enterprise is a step further towards an agile, life-oriented, practical and revolutionary business management.

The visions, but also the actions of all the “Elon Musk” around the world, promote the knowledge, the growth, the opportunities and the well-being of millions of people around the world, with products and services available at a reasonable cost.

As everything, (and particularly) the talent must be paid. And people, professionals, but mainly, eternal students, researchers and devourers of books and knowledge, they are, and they will be, the cornerstone of evolution and the improvement of our technology. Yes, our technology, because there is no better technology than the one which is democratized and it is achievable for everyone.

Here it comes the mandatory question: Is it so difficult to put an “Elon Musk” into our organisation? The talent is expensive, but it is even more expensive not having it… Talent and entrepreneurship, provided by creative and restless minds, have made the world go around from its origins. We must not let the lack of vision, strategy and courage, prevent us from hiring them.

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Translation by Santiago Moreira Martínez 

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