What are the new digital and technological professions of 2019?

CDO & IT Director, Costumer Experience Manager, Digital Business Manager, AI Bots Manager, Blockchain Developer and Cloud Architect, are the new professions in the digital and technological field that Inesdi Digital Business School has added to its ranking for this year 2019.

Taking into account the 7th edition of the study of Inesdi Digital Business School, we prepared a brief description of each of them, have a look:

  1. CDO & IT Director

It is ranked number two in the ranking of digital professions in the report. The fundamental mission of the position is to create, define and implement both the Technology Strategy of the company and the Digital Strategy. Therefore, a professional who has knowledge in information systems, digital technologies, legal IT, cybersecurity and business will be required. The experience in planning, creation, implementation and project management of information systems and digital strategy will be valued.

  1. Customer Experience Manager

Being “responsible for customer experience” is ranked number 19 in the ranking. This profile seeks a professional that is able to align the expectations and perceptions that the clients have about the company and improve them. It is about improving the experience that the client has with the brand during the whole process of relation with it.

It requires a professional with great knowledge in Marketing, Loyalty, Customer Service, Innovation and Business Development. In addition, the use of design tools such as maps of individual-brand relationship, Customer Journey, Buyer Persona and the customer´s pain points .

  1. Digital Business Manager

In this case you need a professional with great knowledge on the Internet, digital platforms, technological innovations, Social Selling techniques, digital marketing, techno-creativity and Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing.

These competencies are due to the fact that the functions of the position, which is ranked 20th in the ranking, are aimed at the creation and execution of the digital business plan of the company, the management of the new digital business models and their ROI.

  1. AI Bots Manager

In number 25 of the ranking we found  “AI solutions for bots expert”. These are professionals who devote themselves to the design of bots, to the interpretation of their language and to conversational management. The final goal is for the user to believe that he is having a conversation with a human being. Therefore, it is essential that the person in charge of the position have knowledge in systems architecture based on knowledge and in Natural Language Processing (NPL).

  1. Blockchain Developer

Turning to the technological professions, in number 2 of the ranking, after the Apps developers, we find Blockchain developers.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the technologies in development and it seems that from this 2019 more and more professionals from the sector will be required, with the mission of establishing the Blockchain in the business processes of the companies and organizations.

Among the skills and knowledge that are required are: have a technical profile of programmer, have experience in the development and implementation of APIs, know the Blockchain technology (Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Node.js), have knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, XML, XSLT, SOAP, FTP, Visual Studio, .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C, C ++, C #, Node.js, JQuery, REST, XCOD, Agile Scrum and MYSQL.

  1. Cloud Architect

“The cloud” is one of the most discussed technologies in recent years, so it is not surprising that being “cloud architect” is already in the ranking of technology professions, although it is in the last position of the report.

They look for a professional who manages the Cloud Computing structure of the company and who leads the change that implies the adoption of this. The knowledge of Cloud technologies and the management of their tools are essential. In addition, knowledge of IT security fundamentals are valued.

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