A different TechEvent, the Techparty 2019 Madrid

On September 14, TechParty was held, an event away from consultants, lots of hacking, collaborative environments and people from all places. What else did you miss?

In this type of events we can find several tracks with talks and workshops divided by levels and a multitude of stands of different companies advertising their services and hiring specialists. In the case of this event, with the exception of a consultant, the rest were other stands.

To highlight this event, we would have the amount and variety of talks and workshops, where we could from programming our own cool robot, to see the different attacks that we can receive by NFC.


One of the problems we encountered in the event was the lack of information on the different activities that were carried out in the event, both on the web (which was being updated) and in the place itself. The other setback we encountered was the lack of time between the talks, with delays of up to half an hour at the beginning of some, which forced us to leave interesting workshops in half, to be able to arrive on time to the next.

To highlight positively, the great quality of many of the talks and workshops, where we could meet people from many countries of the world.

Hopefully by 2020 we can enjoy this event again, and with the wide variety of activities we could enjoy.

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