How Artificial Intelligence will change our lives

They are among us. No, it is not a thriller movie, it is all about robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Did you know that a robot will be in charge of making your purchases? If your answer is no, let me tell you about a technology that is growing so fast and will soon completely change the way we live.

Artificial Intelligence changing our lives in five ways

You have probably heard about virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. They are robots with which you can control many things with voice commands. But this is just the beginning, little by little we have been familiarizing ourselves with terms such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. These two things will change our lives and here I will show you how it will do in five ways:

  1. E-commerce

The user experience will improve thanks to automatic learning, understanding better the clients to offer similar and complementary products. Nowadays marketplaces are working on models using Artificial Intelligence that allow them to understand the behaviors and anticipate the wishes of the client, then offer products that best suit their needs. That is not all, probably Alexa will be in charge of making your purchases. So, robots will not just decide what to offer, they will choose for you and buy.

  1. Medicine

Each person is different, each diagnosis is unique, in the near future we will have robots performing advanced diagnoses. Completely customized treatments thanks to an improved data analysis, allowing doctor to adopt more successful treatments.

  1. Cybersecurity

Many computer security breaches have occurred in recent years. Artificial Intelligence will can preempt attacks identifying patterns. This will help professionals prevent attacks before they happen. There’s just one problem, hackers also have access to AI, then, the ethical use of this technology will make our computer systems safer.

  1. Financial payments and credit card

Your face will be your credit card, as well as your ID. Facial recognition is starting to be widely used these days, it will be a technology that will undoubtedly improve safety, using our biometric data as our only and real identification for all types of transactions and procedures. Payment through biometrics is already a trend and soon all transactions will be made using it.

  1. Automation

Processes will be faster with Artificial Intelligence, companies will spend less time on them and will be able to focus on the user experience. The robots will perform all the heavy and dangerous tasks, the production processes will be much faster, so humans will be in charge of doing those things that only we can (Yes, I am a human, because with Artificial Intelligence, the robots will also create the content specifically for you, according to your tastes and needs).

Artificial Intelligence will affect every aspect of our lives and our companies, and this will happen very soon, so we must be prepared for a life even more connected and controlled by technology.

What other applications do you think Artificial Intelligence could have? An interesting topic for interesting people.

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